Bench Canada: Buy 1 Get a Sale Item 1/2 Price

Bench has a nice promotion on: When you buy 1 item (any item) on you will get a sale item for 1/2 price.

So I tested it out primarily with sale items. I checked out this Roses Vest (jacket actually) as it is available 2 different colours and in ALL sizes right now. Thats right, XS, S, M and L.

The jacket was originally $139, but on sale it is reduced to $69.99. So I added 1 of each colour to my cart and presto: one was reduced to $34.99. The cart totalled $104.98 which is LESS than 1 of those jacket's original price would have cost!

I really like both the Cinder and Trooper colours for this jacket. It is a great style. :-)

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  • becci
    Just a heads up, only works once per order. So you only get one item at 50% off, even if you have six items in your cart.

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