Bargainmoose Valentine's Contest: Win a $250 PinkCherry Prize Pack (Adults Only!) (CLOSED)

1 February 2013

*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Belinda!! ***

Pink Cherry, one of Canada's top sites for adult toys and novelties, is offering one of the lovely Bargainmoosers a fantastic prize package for a Valentine's Day pressie. It's a gift set from the brand Evolved Novelties and it's worth more than $250! Here's what you will get - it's pictured above:

  • Vibrating Rose
  • Duo Obsessions Vibrator
  • Bendable You Too Couples Vibe
  • Bubblies The Pop Mini Vibe
  • Romance Collection of Sensual Products
  • Bonus Zero Tolerance Cock Ring

Some interesting and tantalising items in there!

How to enter:

To enter the contest, we'd like you to leave a comment below, telling us about the ideal Valentine's gift that you would like to receive...

For bonus entries:

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One type of entry per household per day (where applicable), Canadian entrants only, contest is subject to change at admin’s discretion, ends 7th February 2013.

Don't forget that if you're looking for Valentine's Day ideas, you could use our exclusive Pink Cherry coupon code for an extra 15% discount on your order there - works on sale items as well as regular priced toys!

P.S. If you don't want to leave your real name in the comments below, just put a nickname - you're welcome to stay anonymous if you want to. We'll sort out the prize details by email, in private. :)

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  • maggie
    Ughhhhhhhh I need the nJoy Pure wand so much. And vampire gloves!
  • Tina
    My ideal Valentine's day gift would be to meet the perfect guy. Not a perfect guy, just the perfect guy for's to wishing!
  • Pat
    The ideal Valentine's Day gift would be breakfast in bed.....
  • Lucie
    This Valentine's day, I'd love to find the Love of my life.
  • Rosita
    As overrated as this might sound, I'd love to find some love! But since love apparently only comes once in a lifetime, I'll settle for some chocolate. Nothing like chocolate, bubble bath, and champagne when you're single for Valentine's Day lol Oh and I tweeted the contest :)
  • Dora
    I would love to have a kid-free night, order pizza and watch a movie!
    I just want a card and a foot massage with a glass of wine... sounds perfect.
  • maggie
  • Heidi
    I am hoping to have a quiet stress free day, not sure yet what form that should take :)
  • Lesley S.
    Let me see... supper cooked, dog walked, and a couple of loads of laundry done when I get home. Oh, and maybe for Mother Nature to give us a break from shoveling :)
  • Fran
    A romantic getaway where I`m pampered and spoilt ;)
  • MissA
    Well this set would be a great first step to a happy Valentines day - using it would be the second step! :)
  • Norine T.
    I would love to sleep in, have a romantic morning with my hubby, and then be given a lovely gift from him that's perfect for me. Yep, that would be a perfect Valentines gift.
  • tenille
    my hubby at home and not working :(
  • Bean
    I'm with Tina, meeting the perfect guy for me would be ideal!
  • Stacie
    Would love a little me-time - a manicure or pedicure would be great!
  • Oceangirl
    For Valentine's Day, would like my daughter to find the love of her life and enjoy Valentine's Day for once.
  • Chelsea
    I would like a romantic adventure! Not on Valentine's day when it's expected. Just to be swept up and taken away! (with my new box of toys... ;) )
  • LHB
    I would love just a single yellow rose!
  • Sheila
    The perfect valentine would be having a clean home and a deliscious home cooked meal!
  • Lynne H.
    Like some others above, for me It would be great to meet a nice guy; I haven't given up yet!!
  • Mikey
    a fifty shades of grey evening for the luv of my life. The gift bag is filling up....blindfold on top....then lots of little surprises
  • Lea
    best valentines day would be a surprise day off with breakfast in bed. Or a surprise flower delivery at work....that is always nice.
  • Kylie
    As a busy mom, I'd say the perfect gift is nice warm suppper ready when I get home. That's would be a dream...
  • Catherine
    I'd love to get a nice massage therapy package!
  • Bluenoser
    I would love to have a whole day to spend with my husband. No work and no errands!
  • Josie
    Having would be nice to have one full day with just my hubby. Go to the spa and relax. Then a nice dinner out and the night to ourselves.....
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
  • Avigayil M.
    Wahahaha.... I am not eligible for this contest but hell.. I want to participate!! the perfect Valentine's gift?? hmmm... my husband in practically nothing covered in whip cream... drizzled with chocolate and cherries on the 'strategic' parts. :D :D
  • Mark
    Would love a quiet dinner on a warm tropical beach with my beautiful wife.
  • Donnas
    Breakfast in bed (which I'm sure to get again this year).
  • Donnas
    I'm a daily newsletter subscriber.
  • McLisa
    Supper made for me and the kids away at a sleepover!
  • Colin
    A weekend away would be great.
  • Linda
    I'd love to start with a romantic dinner out. Then come back home to lingerie, chocolate, and a lot of fun!
  • newfie b.
    my perfect valentines day would be able to take the day off work and spend it with my family, probably a nice skidoo run and a little fire with hot chocolate, my I miss those days
  • Mike
    Would love you take my wife out for a nice dinner and head to a movie. (Just have to find a darn babysitter).
  • blue
    A evening at
  • Cathy J.
    A couples massage!
  • Anne
    I'd like flowers and a nice dinner out with my man, then some quality time in the bedroom... perhaps with a We Vibe?
  • Riz
    Diamond earrings or a Micheal Kors watch!
  • D
    The ideal Valentine's gift would be time all alone with my fella. Sigh.
  • Pat M.
    My man taking me for a drive to watch the sunset over the ocean near where we live.
  • Kristy
    Home with just my hubby , a bottle of Wine , Fireplace on ,and a nice romantic movie!
  • Jonnie
    I wold love a quiet night at home with my husband and lots of chocolate!
  • Jonnie
    email subscriber
  • Sherri
    finding a man that will stick around through both the good and tough times!
  • Jenn
    Honestly one of the best gifts would be a date. With kids we never get time to ourselves (that isn't grocery shopping). Or time to use this pack :)
  • Diane
    A nice romantic trip to Italy. I minored in classical studies in university, and I would love to see Rome, the birthplace of romance!
  • Erica
    A dinner without cell phones, or emails, or rush. A restaurant with a cozy, quiet environment with some good food, a decent beer selection and my girlfriend. (Bonus - the meal + beer is free!!)
  • Julia
    I'd love to have my boyfriend send me a huge bouquet of roses to my work with a card included giving me details about going home to find a present waiting for me. That present of course - would be a naked boyfriend and a beautiful dress and piece of jewelery to wear to the fancy restaurant he'd take me for dinner. Cheesy? I think so. I like to dream.
  • Matt D.
    Definitely need a sex swing for me and the wife. We are getting jealous that our 2 boys can go in the backyard to swing. We feel like we're missing out and want to have our fun as well!
  • jules
    the perfect valentines day....hmmmm......a little break from the ordinary, not that the ordinary isn't great, but life is about adventure as well, so a surprise adventure (which doesn't need to be like white water rafting - just a day or evening that is different or exciting) that would be fabulous
  • AMac
    A massage would be very nice!
  • pat g.
    what a great way to spend a night with a massage
  • Amber
    A kiss from my husband and son.
  • Joyce P.
    A bubble bath, then a massage, then ....
  • Joyce P.
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  • sweetpeajmp
    submittted the following deal
  • fussyparts
    A down right dirty love fest with my wife. I have no shame, that's right!
  • Rachel M.
    Just a nice quiet evening, with no kids, pets, phones or noises
  • Rachel M.
  • Stage37
    I would love a spa day with hubby, and hand made cards from the kids :)
  • Ty H.
    I would like the liberator ramp and wedge black label and then putitto good use!
  • yvonne k.
    Fine dining, romantic walk and of course Roses!
  • Tiggrr
    a Pink Cherry prize pack for two, candle light, wine and we would be all set ;)
  • Mcclarsen
    For valentines day my ideal gift would be simply a night alone with my hubby, dinner wine and no kids!!! And a bag of fun from Pink Cherry!
  • Heidi C.
    Anything from my husband for Valentine's Day would be great - he has a tendency to forget!
  • Heidi C.
  • Heidi C.
  • Heidi C.
    I subscribe to your email newsletter!
  • Rick W.
    Anything that comes in a brown box in the mail to the door is always the best and mosted used gift one could get...In fact I am watching for the truck again...always a reason to share a gift with the Sweetie...and what else do you think we do now the kids are gone and we`re retired...LOL
  • Cassie
    A long night of massages
  • cappellis
    homemade candle lit dinner without the kiddies!
  • Trisha Y.
    A sweet night away without the kids!!
  • Kristi R.
    I would like my husband to make supper, then do the dishes. That would be my ieal Valentine's Day.
  • Kristi R.
  • Kristi R.
    I subscribe to your newsletter.
    just some love and affection it does not cost anything
  • Suzanne
    I would love to go away for a spa weekend with my husband
  • AMac
  • Ami L.
    i would love a day to myself to sleep/read/relax!!
  • Andrea M.
    Time for just the two of us. Maybe a weekend getaway without the kids. Massage for two and dinner...
  • Sherry S.
    I would love to go out for supper with the whole family, and then come home and take some of the products from that prize package into the bedroom and LOCK THE DOOR ;-)
  • Linda P.
    just a nice romantic dinner with my hubby would be really nice we don't get to do it often enough. thanks
  • Anon
    True love.
  • lisa
    To celebrate our anniversary together and have a romantic night in the same country would be nice!
  • CalgaryCaper
    A bubble bath with a glass of wine!
  • Belinda M.
    I would love a dinner out at a nice restaurant, flowers and a box of chocolates
  • Belinda M.
    I signed up for the newsletter
  • Belinda M.
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  • Belinda M.
  • roger s.
    A dinner night out with me giving my wife roses would be enough. This package might be just too over the edge for my conservative wife though :)
  • Undomesticgirl
    My hubby to make a nice dinner for us. And maybe some flowers :)
  • Undomesticgirl
  • anonymous
    Would love to get a vibrator from my hubby for V-day.
  • kellie n.
    a nice home made dinner, some flowers, some sort of chocolate, a movie on and a nice fuzzy blanket to climb under
  • Tracy D.
    A night away!
  • Ali D.
    A quiet night away from cell phones, the TV, and work. A delicious dinner, nice wine, a bubble bath, and a game of Scrabble!
  • Christine
    A romantic letter and a day of fun just for us. :)
  • Christine
    Just what we need, a little spice for our marriage of 36 years!
  • ACA
    For my husband to actually be home lol He will be working out of town that week.
  • Vivian
    A trip to somewhere warm and relaxing... quality time.
  • lori b.
    nice evening at home if he is home that is.. and NO phone calls shared on fb
  • irene T.
    Our ideal valentines's gift would be a babysitter that could handle all three of our boys...Its been 3+ years since my husband and I have had just one night to ourselves to share each other.
  • Crystal E.
    My ideal Valentines day gift would be having the kids go stay with grandma and grandpa for a night so that hubby and I could have some us time :)
  • Rachel
    To have one night ALONE with my husband we have been together almost 10 yrs and we have not had one night alone
  • tarrie l.
    To have savvy night with my man who is the worlds best step dad and husbin xoxo
  • Crystal E.
    Tweeted the giveaway!
  • UncleStuart
    Ideal gift? Time with my true love.
  • Pat A.
    I weekend away to a luxurious spa for my wife and I. Fireplace, Large screen TV, hot tub, good and drinks.
  • torontess
    The ideal Valentine's gift? A boyfriend. If they're out of stock, then I guess a Snuggie...
  • ZinkFollowers
    A week of uninterrupted time with my loved one.
  • UncleStuart
    An overnight trip with my wife.
  • Amanda
    I would love to receive a love letter as a Valentine's gift. It would be the perfect gift that I could hold on to forever, and take it out to read and remember.
  • Carlotta
    My husband and I have been married for twenty five years and he is the love of my life. We are in the battle of our life time - he is fighting for his life from the horrid disease cancer. We have not had any alone time for a year. I would love a night with my man and forget all the sickness. Live a little dream for one night. To all other couples - hug your partner. You never know when your world will fall apart.

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