Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 gift card from Mexx Canada! (CLOSED)

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*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Shel! ***

This week, one of you lucky Bargainmoosers could win a $250 gift card from Mexx Canada. Read on to find out how to enter this cool Canadian contest!

Although I’ve been shopping at Mexx for years, there’s one category I’ve never had a chance to buy from until now: the kid’s section. I’m attending a baby shower in two weeks and I found some very cute items to include in my baby shower gift. For example, this adorable Romper with blouse top outfit combo for just $17.50 $20.99 (reg. $39.95) and cardigan for $13.50 $16.19 (reg. $29.99). My friend isn’t having a boy but I also found that this boy’s Bodysuit for $11.00 $13.19 (reg. $24.95) and beige cotton pants for $15.00 $17.19 ($34.95). They make an adorable set so they get an honorable mention.

As you might’ve noticed, the prices for all these items are quite low. That’s thanks to their current deal, 50% off all sale items with a promo code. **Deal is now 40% off sales items until August 13th, 2014**. If you’d like to use this code and find more deals from Mexx check out our coupon page.

How to win this prize?

“Tell us what you’re itching to buy at Mexx with your $250 gift card.  Comment below with your answer”

Mexx-a-mize your chances with BONUS entries:

For some bonus entries make sure to do the following:


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends August 10th 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • Sandra
    I would love to get some cute flamingo tank tops and leggings for my daughter. This would be perfect for back to school shopping!
  • lennypuz
    I love, love, love their coats! My son definitely needs a good fall coat - this would be perfect!
  • J
    A-Line Skirt
  • Danielle
    I have not bought an entire new outfit for myself since my son was born 4 years ago. My wardrobe is suffering! Would love something new for the office!
  • Helen
    Would love to get the vintage medium wash denim pants for my son!
  • Pam R.
    We all need new clothes, but I would love to get the pink blazer for my daughter
  • S
    I like their dresses for girls, like the flamingo print one!
  • Carolyn
    Clothes for new baby!
  • Katy
    Finishing up my degree, so definitely a couple outfits for job hunting =).
  • Aimee
    Would love new clothes for fall for my 3 little ones
  • Rick
    You know what, I'm always shelling out for everyone, I would spoil myself for a change and see how much of a wardrobe I could get for $250.
  • andriana
    Would love a new pant suit for work and a maxi dress! <3
  • Mei L.
    It would be kids clothes and some dress pants! Or winter coats!
  • R
    A back to school outfit for my daughter :)
  • Amber
    would love to get some new outfits for our new baby on the way!
  • Matthew
    I would love to buy a dress for my girl.
  • Michelle
    I would love the elephant print dress for my girl!
  • Colleen
    A new fall outfit
  • Megan
    Blazers and dress shirts for work!
  • Lana
    I would love some new school clothes for my little guy and I saw some really cute dresses last time I was there.
  • Cee
    Would love a maxi dress!
  • Anita
    Definitely a blazer and dresses
  • Kristin
    Work clothes for my husband...he brings home the bacon for our family of 6 and I would love to see him get some "real" new clothes, not the "new-to-you" clothes I usually buy him at the thrift store!
  • Tannis
    I would split it up and buy myself something, take the two kids and let them pick their own outfits and then have them pick a graphic T for dad for his birthday. Usually I do all their shopping with end of season sales but it would be nice to let my oldest to pick her own outfit (that is not limited to the sale section). :)
  • Lucie
    I would dress my grandchildren for the fall and winter. That would be a feel good thing to do.
  • Nicole L.
    I'd buy my husband some new tailored pants, as his current ones are falling off of him!
  • Sarai
    Back to school clothes for my 8 year old daughter!
  • Sarai
    Email subscriber
  • April
    I would love to buy my son some outerwear from Mexx!
  • Sarai
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  • Sarai
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  • Donnas
    I've shopped at Mexx in the past, and I'm now looking forward to the colourful viscose blazer.
  • Donnas
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Donnas
  • RustyKitty
    Would love to buy a new outfit for work. My wardrobe really needs an update!
  • Aaron
    I need to get some new shirts for work this fall.
  • Donnas
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  • Donnas
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  • Trisha Y.
    I'd love to grab some back to school clothes for my girls and something for me as well. How cute are these star shirts though?!
  • Tiggrr
    I would love the trench coat. It's such a classic style that you could wear every day or out for a special night.
  • Catherine (.
    It would be fabulous to get a new outfit to wear for the evening after my early wedding dinner on Sept 5th this year.
  • melissa
    I love all their kids clothes! I would buy so many outfits for my son and nieces!
  • Kelly M.
    I love to buy some things for the baby boy I'm expecting!
  • Kris C.
    Would buy a new outfit of winter clothes to make myself feel better about the change of seasons.
  • tyler
    I'd like a nice wind breaker coat, I'll know its good quality here.
  • Scott
    I'm itching to buy a new sweater at Mexx with my $250 gift card.
  • Chester
    I would love to buy clothes and give them as gifts to my family during our upcoming reunion.
  • suzi
    I'm sure what else I would buy but I know I'd buy this maxi dress because it's gorgeous!
  • suzi
    I'm subscribed :)
  • suzi
    Tweeted :)
  • katama381
    I've recently lost a lot of weight so I need clothes that fit. $250 would really help!
  • Lisa
    I am totally in love with the Classic navy dress with pleats!! Of course, I'd also find some treasures for my kids - love Mexx!
  • LDC
    this romper please!!
  • Lisa A.
    I'd shop for back to school clothes for my kiddos. Thanks for the chance!
  • Elaine W.
    Work clothes -- so desperately need some!
  • zahra p.
    I just got married, so I would pick out some sexy dresses to look great when I go out
  • karim L.
    Work clothes are on my shopping list since I just started a new job
  • Meghan M.
    I am going back to work after mat leave and unfortunately I have not lost all the baby weight. I would love some new clothes to help me feel better.
  • Angelene A.
    Itching is right!!! What awesome prices!!! I would buy a romper, jean dress, leggings, sweater & shirts for my one and only Granddaughter off to her first year of school in September!!! Yes please! Shared :)
  • Shel
    Alligator tote bag - thanks for the giveaway.
  • Tara
    I would take my son shopping for "back to school" clothes :)
  • Lisa A.
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates!
  • Tania
    I would definitely do my kids back to school shopping!!!
  • Janet
    New clothes - for me and my partner, who has a new job!
  • Linda P.
    would get some new pants and need a winter cardigan, thanks
  • Ann
    Would love to get a new dress and some sweaters.
  • Jeanne
    I would buy my baby as many cute outfits as possible. Love their baby clothes!
  • Suzie M.
    Would get some new pants & tops
  • Donna L.
    I'd like to buy a new summery dress.
  • Donna L.
    I subscribe to Bargainmoose daily e-mail updates.
  • Donna L.
    I Like Bargainmoose on Facebook and posted a link to this contest on my timeline
  • lilpeej
    I would like to buy a new dress, or two. I subscribe to your daily e-mail updates.
  • Saba
    Baby clothes! I just had a baby boy and my first was a girl so he needs lots of clothes!
  • Pam
    I would buy my little girl clothes for her first year of preschool:)
  • Jill
    Back to school clothes for my tall skinny son. Mexx has the best tailored fit for slim kids. Love their colourful boys clothes.
  • Wanita
    I would love to buy my kids some new clothes for school!
  • Ashley
    I'm getting married and my mom needs a dress but can't afford too much so we'd buy a dress for her!
  • Cindy
    Boy clothes as I have a 7 and 4 year old that love and look so cute in Mexx.
  • Agata
    Some cute clothes for my daughter and some baby showers I have coming up.
  • Ansa
    My all family members lovvvve to wear Mexx clothing
  • Suzie M.
    like on FB & poosted
  • Suzie M.
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  • Autumn R.
    Lots of cute clothes for my sisters upcoming baby shower! :-)
  • Autumn R.
    Subscribed, Tweeted & Shared on Facebook. Thanks for the contest!
  • Krista M.
    My daughter loves the graphic print sweater dresses at Mexx. What a great back-to-school gift it would be to give her one!
  • Jennifer
    I'm getting my first born ready for kindergarten and a couple of stylish outfits would make him look like the coolest kid in class!
  • Sharon F.
    The Mexx brand is the perfect fit for one of the young ladies in my family. It would make her so happy to have $250.00 for some new Mexx fall back to school outfits.
  • Faiza
  • Shawna C.
    I would use the $250 on kids clothes.
  • Kirsten
    Baby boy clothes for my 6 week old boy who has outgrew all his 3 month clothes already!!
  • Joyce C.
    I've got 4 babies heading back to school on the second who will be needing some back to school clothing. I would love to win the card.
  • Maxeen
    I'm always spending on clothing for my daughters. They come first. Would be amazing to spoil myself a little. :-)
  • bernice
    I would get school clothes for my children
  • Diane
    Back to School clothes for my kids.
  • Margi
    I've always loved the kids clothes at Mexx, but they're a bit pricy for me... so I'd love a shopping spree, especially since I have a daughter after three boys. I love their girl outfits!
  • KL
    post baby body clothes...aka, everything!
  • Suzie M.
    I subscribe via email
  • Tanya
    My mom dressed me in Mexx when I was a kid. I'd love to go buy some really nice clothes for my son!
  • Moe A.
    Four grandkids need school clothes.
  • William
    Definitely new clothes for my wife!
  • Fay. H.
    I work in retail and we're limited to wearing neutral non-colors clothings. I am so sick of my current black & white clothes. If I win this gift card, I'm definitely going for some more classy pieces!
  • Jenn
    I would LOVE to win back to school clothes for my 3 boys! I'm madly in LOVE with MEXX clothes they've lasted longer than any other brands I've bought over the years! BEST clothes for boys EVER!!!
  • Maxime L.
    I work on a communications and marketing team and we r going accross canada to market our services a sharp new outfit would help lots !
  • louie
    Back to school time again so we will have no problems using up the mexx gift card. Thank you.
  • darci
    I am subscribed and would love to get some back to school goods for my kids!
  • Erika R.
    A new work wardrobe!
  • Pam
    We have 4 daughters to buy back to school clothes for. This would be such a wonderful help to send them back in great style!! :)
  • Mel
    Ummm let's see. A little something for my boys and a whole lot for me!
  • Angela M.
    I've been a big Mexx fan for years. I'd love to get my daughter a few back to school pants and t-shirts.
  • Angela M.
    I'm an email subscriber.
  • Mike G.
    A birthday present for my wife!
  • Sue
    Kiddo clothes - they get everything!

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