Bargainmoose Contest: Win $250 Credit @ Beyond The Rack Canada! Whoo Hooo! (CLOSED)

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 *** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser melahoney38! ***

Holiday season on Bargainmoose is really starting to heat up, with loads of super Canadian deals coming out of the woodwork, as well as top brands wanting to give YOU prizes! This week, we’ve got a super prize in the form of a $250 shopping credit for Beyond the Rack Canada! There are a ton of choices on there for spending the $250 credit; womens’ fashion, menswear, home wares, electronics and more. It would be super easy to blow that $250 in one go.

If you are a new customer to Beyond the Rack, did you know that you can get a free $10 credit on your account? Sign up at this link to activate that deal:

Sign up here with Beyond the Rack to get your free $10 shopping credit now <<<

And if you’d like to bump that $10 free credit up another notch to the tune of $250, then please enter our Canadian contest today!

How to enter:

  1. Make sure you have an account on Beyond the Rack
  2. Leave a comment below telling us what sweet items you would buy with your $250

Lots of Bonus Contest Entries!

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A Few Rules:

  • Ends 11th November 2013
  • One type of entry per household
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Winners will be cross checked for having valid BTR accounts

Remember - Bargainmoose has THE best giveaways!


  • Laura
    I would buy the Traveler's Choice 3-Piece Sedona Expandable Luggage Set in Blue
  • Dave
    I would pick up a sweet marvel comic print
  • Jessica L.
    A Michael Kors bag!
  • Sandra
    I would pick the UMA mirror and a Michal Kors wallet
  • dealhunter
    Some new boots for the winter! Old ones have holes..
  • Deborah
    I would like new comforter set and window panels from 5 Star Bedding.
  • Daphne
    I would want a Kate Spade purse or wallet!
  • Tee
    I would buy a nice Buffalo Amanda Coat In Forest Green and a pair of boots to keep me warm this winter! (And gifts for the family as well)
  • Anita
    I would buy a Akribos XXIV watch.
  • Hope D.
    I would buy a Michael Kors bag
  • Karen
    Shoes, shoes, and more shoes...and then I would have to buy the Prepac shoe cubbies!
  • Michelle
    This would help with Christmas gifts...and possibly new Uggs for me :)
  • skeetersden
    I have been searching for a round carpet that I like and have just spotted it!! I would put it towards getting the 5'3" x 5'3" Antiqua Rug in Gold, Violet and Magenta
    • skeetersden
      oh and I tweeted linked on FB and re-pinned
  • Michelle D.
    I would love to buy a nice new bedding set!
  • Angele
    I'd likely get a head start on my Christmas shopping, with such a big family I need to buy sssooo much and this would be a great help! With lots of clothing and kids items to choose from I'd be all set :)
  • Rose
    Winter boots for me and cute Christmas clothes for my baby girl!
  • cee
    Michael Kors purse!
  • Lenny Z.
    I'd be doing my Christmas shopping for my little guy!
  • nicole
    I would look for organizing items for the house
  • Tina
    I would buy some new boots and maybe a few Christmas gifts as well!
  • Lisa A.
    I'd buy boots for my daughter who has had them in my shopping cart umpteenth thousand times over the past month and some home essentials for the house. Thanks for the great contest!
  • valerie d.
    I would buy kitchen gadget and new king size bed sheets :) they look fabulous
  • christine
    A Michael kors bag
  • Dea
    Bedding and more Bedding! I am in search of really nice sheets that don't pill or shrink. I bet BTR has good sheets :)
  • Ann
    I would get the luggage set for my upcoming trip.
  • Leanne L.
    I would buy a pair of UGG's
  • Lucie
    So many great things, what can I say! I need new bed sheets. Egyptian cotton would be great. And a Garment Rack, and a beautiful carpet, and, and, and,...
  • Jessica
    I would definietly be buying my family Christmas gifts!, since the option is available to send it as a gift to a different address is a mjor plus :) <3 BTR!!
  • Patricia
    I would get a start on my Christmas shopping. My oldest loves shoes....
  • Cecilia
    Clothing for my kids
  • Cecilia
  • Catherine (.
    I need some tops and pants for the winter season. Some of the hoodies would do if they were appropriate for work too.
  • Margaret
    I would spend the $250 in the children's department, probably on winter gear.
  • Daniela
    Wow $250.00. Love their storage items, kitchen items and oh don't forget the shoes.
  • Shirley
    I would buy a new bedding set, VERY much needed as my Great Dane jumped on my bed with muddy paws and ruined my ivory set. Yes, I know, bad idea with a dog! He doesn't normally get on my bed unless I lay down "his blanket", but he was excited in the rain and ran straight to my room to "dry off" on my bed ugh! So needed!!!!
  • Joellen m.
    I find Beyond the Rack is an amazing site for finding one of a kind items. With $250 extra spend I'd likely endulge in a new pair of riding boots (with heel), a leather jacket (normally amazing deals on these) and if I had enough left over a new high quality sheet set. Thanks!
  • Amanda B.
    I would get a winter coat or maybe some baby clothes for my girls.
  • allyson
    Hmmm where do I start? I am new to Canada so at the moment I want to get my winter gear organised and a great winter jacket or two, hats and scarves will be first on my list. I am not afraid to admit the cold scares me. I have already stocked up on down duvets and bedding from Beyond The Rack and I am a fan.
  • Steph S.
    Michael Kors purse and new boots!
  • Christine M.
  • Hanna K.
    Black diamond studs
  • Angel
    I would stock up on flats! I am am newly pregnant with my first baby and cannot imagine wearing heels for the duration of my pregnancy :)
  • Catfish
    Gonna get me some Rachael Ray kitchenware!!!
  • Cassandra m.
    I would have to browse for a while I'm sure but a new pair of shoes is always welcome.
  • Neha
    Michael Kors watch!
  • Kim D.
    I would buy some clothes and shoes....they have tons to choose from!!!
  • djurdjica
    i would spend $250 on new pair of boots :)
  • Pat S.
    I would purchase towels! Boring I know but in need lol
  • Kelly J.
    I would buy the Levana Rider Tall Boot in Charcoal and the King Beijing 8-Piece Embroidered Comforter Set in Beige. Maybe and outfit too!!
  • Jessie J.
    I would buy my kids their christmas presents!!
  • Nickola
    Purses! Purses! Purses! :)
  • Nick
    I would buy a lot of candies and hockey memorabilia !
  • Nissa
    I would buy myself a new wardrobe!! With 4 children I am always the last one to get new clothes! :-(
  • sandra
    I would buy myself a new coat....its been long time that I have spent that much money on myself.
  • Allison
    I would probably get some kind of winter boot...I need desperately!!
  • John
    Cookware, new clothing, and also some art!
  • Cosimo
    Something special for my wife.
  • Amy
    I would buy my kids some toys and maybe I nice winter coat to keep warm or a good watch
  • Kim S.
    I would get a Duck Down Duvet
  • Cmor
    I would finally be able to buy some of the suite sports bar furniture they have.
  • Emily S.
    I love Beyond the Rack! I'd likely invest in a nice new carpet to keep the floors soft and quiet for our upcoming addition to the family! Or perhaps some nice baby birthstone jewellery for myself...
  • pd r.
    I would buy some Cuisinart kitchenware and some holiday candy
  • Nish
    I would love to buy a nice duvet and duvet bedset to warm us up for a sweet slumber and a sexy dress to wear to my xmas party!
  • Janine
    I would add to my wardrobe (some great clothes or jewelry)
  • Gab
    I would put it towards a nice pair of designer shoes for my wedding next year.
  • Shiyani
    Shoes shoes and more shoes! BTR has amazing deals and designs on shoes .
  • Angel
    I would stock up on flats! I am newly pregnant with my first baby and cannot imagine wearing heels for the duration of my pregnancy :)
  • Kristen
    A coat & boots!
  • Melissa
    I'd definitely get new winter boots!
  • Nerissa
    Just moved to a bigger house with mainly hardwood floors. Would live a rug or two and maybe some organizers.
  • lilpeej
    Wow ... I know that $250 on Beyond the Rack can go a long way! I would look for some winter boots, a great little black dress, a cardigan and if enough remained, a decent suitcase to replace the one I broke!
  • Robin
    I would buy christmas presents for family.
  • Tina
    I would buy a winter coat! Thanks for this contest!
  • Pam
    Clothes! Which I desperately need!
  • Natalie C.
    I would buy a Clear Glass 8 Light Ceiling Fixture for my dining room!
  • Holly K.
    I would buy some cozy winter clothes & some coffee!! And probably something for the kidlets too!!
  • Wendy
    Xmas gifts for my girls
  • Michelle
    I want something funky for my house!!
  • Kylie
    I'd get myself some more kitchen "toys"! lol
  • Christy
    House and baby stuff since I'm expecting my first child in April
  • Caris
    Luggage. In need of some new ones so maybe I can book that fancy trip!
  • Norine
    I would buy a beautiful carpet for my sunroom. :)
  • stacey
    Would love to buy a dress and a winter jacket!!! maybe some kitchen items too!!
  • Crystal Q.
    I'd update my wardrobe with new pants and ankle boots!
  • Josie
    I would get a Ladies' Camille Chronograph Watch in Silver
  • Josie
  • Nimeera
    would buy a new bed set for my bedroom!!!!!! and maybe some clothes/purses/jewelry/nice household items for organizing, etc- and christmas gifts!! :)
  • Josie
  • Josie
  • Halifax
    I'd get items for the house (decoration, furniture, etc.)
  • Halifax
  • jenny
    i would love to get a nice watch!
  • yingy_c
    I may get some purses and wallets for myself!
  • Brenda S.
    housewares, shoes, gifts, décor, just so much to choose from hard to say what would be my purchases.
  • Carrie many things. I could see that $250 gone super fast on coats and boots and jewelery :) I signed up under a difference email than this one carrie dot rogozinski at
  • Jessy
    I'd get a new handbag and maybe a pair of sunglasses. I love their designer sales! I tweeted here as well:
  • Angela M.
    I would get a new winter jacket and/or boots.
  • Angela M.
  • Angela M.
  • Angela M.
  • Megan
    A laptop bag and a pair of boots!
  • Rob
    In the midst of a bathroom renovation and I do like the look of some of those illuminated bathroom mirrors. Either that or upgrade some of my appliances.
  • Sarah
    I would buy some Kate Spade purses, love them!!
  • Michelle H.
    Christmas gifts for my parents and colleagues♥
  • Gl
    I just moved and need a new suitcase set to visit home again!
  • Keri
    I would buy a new holiday dress
  • Val
    I would put the money towards Christmas gifts from Beyond the Rack!!
  • Enuj
    I would love a new purse!
  • Leanne
    I would buy a new wardrobe because I have lost just over 70 pounds due to my chemotherapy treatments
  • Linda P.
    I would buy a Michael Kors purse, thanks
  • Ada
    With Xmas around the corner, it's all about kids. I just recently returned from Africa and I know there are kids that have never received a Christmas present, so I would buy kids toys and send them to a children's home.
  • Brandy
    I would buy some boots and some kitchenware!
  • RMC
    I would buy lots of shoes!!!
  • Shaheen
    Christmas gifts and luggage!
  • Anne B.
    i would buy a new winter coat, because we know what is coming.
  • Deanna
    I would buy some new black boots and a new jacket.
  • Karla S.
    I would buy a new coat,boots,and pair of pjs ;)
  • Karla S.
    I follow and re-pinned on pinterest
  • Karla S.
    I follow on twitter & tweeted
  • Gillian
    I'd love one of those vintage Louis Vuitton bags they have for sale!
  • Adele H.
    I would buy the adorable vanity, mirror and bench that's on sale for just $229.99!!!
  • Lyndsey
    Hunter boots for rainy Vancouver!
  • Tiggrr
    A dress for New years eve for me and Christmas gifts for the family. Love,love,love BTR. Tweeted and Facebooked as well
  • Lisa
    Nice competition. If I win I would get the 3-Piece Sedona Expandable Luggage Set in Pewter as I'm in need of new luggage :)
  • Sean M.
    A nice piece of hockey memorabilia
  • Silena
    Oh my...would love a king down duvet, duvet cover, sheets, and a new red coffee maker:)
  • Ash
    Lots of tops!
  • Anon
    I'd probably get some bathroom stuff.
  • Trisha
    I would finally get a new luggage set!
  • Luisa
    I would buy boots (Hunter) and some clothes
  • Luisa
    I pinned it
  • Luisa
    I tweeted
  • ginette4
    I do have an account - Ginette (I see that I have a $25.00 credit, I forgot about that) lol and I would purchase Christmas gifts with it for my daughter
  • ginette4
    following on pinterest and pinned
  • Tricia C.
    I would buy the Vanity, Mirror and Bench!
  • Tricia C.
    I follow @bargainmoose on Twitter (@pinecone8) Twitter Share:
  • Tricia C.
    I ‘like’ BargainMoose Canada on Facebook Facebook Share:
  • Tricia C.
    I ‘follow’ BargainMoose Canada on Pinterest (pinecone8) Pinterest Share:
  • Tricia C.
    I have an account on Beyond the Rack!
  • ginette4
    following on twitter; @ginette4 tweeted
  • Ann
    Boot, candy and things for my kitchen !
  • Nessa
    Shoes! Shoes and more shoes!!!!!!
  • Sarina
    I'd love to upgrade my kitchen with new stuff!
  • Amirah
    1. I have an account 2. I would buy Carters Baby Bunting Bag in Ivory, 2-Piece Hello Kitty PJ Set in Sparkling Grape, Steve Madden Peplum Wool Coat in Black, and maybe the Cuisinart Mini-Prep 3-Cup Plus Processor = )
  • Amirah
    Bonus: Following + Tweeted
  • megan
    always clothing or shoes!!
  • Mike G.
    some new sheets
  • melahoney38
    I would buy two pairs of Boom Boom skinny jeans, a Kenneth Cole winter coat, a pair of winter boots and a pair of mid calf boots and a RD style Shirt. My grand total would be $259.94 but I have a 10.00 credit so it would come to 249.94 and you can't come much closer to $250 than that! Thank you soooo much if I win!
  • melahoney38
  • Michelle M.
    Boots, bags, home organization stuff, kid toys.
  • Cindy
    I would buy Christmas gifts! I love Beyond the Rack!!!!
  • Andrea A.
    I would buy a few toys for the kids in my area who need them at Christmas, it would make their Christmas a hole lot better
  • Susan
    New boots and new sheets!
  • Wendy C.
    I would keep buying everyday items - favourite website for shopping!
  • Janet M.
    Shoes, shoes oh and did I mention shoes?
  • Chase
    Buy a new bar set for the garage!
  • Julie
    i would buy all kinds of Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts to make this year the best Christmas for my kids :)
  • Natalie
    I would buy my 2 chihuahuas new bed and my daughter an awesome outfit to go with her awesome personality
  • Tanis
    I created an account and I would get some children's outerwear for my daughter!
  • Liz
    Christmas gifts, boots, and bedding!
  • Therese
    I would buy Hanukkah gifts for my children
  • Suzi
    I would buy SHOES!!!
  • Michelle
    Kamik boots and a winter jacket with a hood! My winter jacket doesn't have one!
  • Guylaine
    I would give it to someone in the Phillipines
  • Anja K.
    Glorious Clark boots in an 81/2, one or two Christmas gifts from the pet boutique for someone who has been a very good boy, and a perfect-sized Sak bag to gift to the most important person there is at any time of year: mom.
  • Shan
    New bedding and some gorgeous boots!!
  • Jasen H.
    Some great items at beyond the rack! I'd start with these items if I won the credit. Giant Gummy Bears World's Largest Lime Gummy Bear - 5 lbs Kennedy 5-Setting Mandolin Slicer and Grater in White Sofiane 4-Piece 1000TC Cotton Rich Double Sheet Set in Tango Red
  • CalgaryCaper
    New sheets, new boots, and a trench coat (I've always wanted one)!
  • CalgaryCaper
  • Tiggrr
    A cute dress for New years and some gifts for the kids for Christmas
  • Donnas
    I've never had a designer handbag, so I'd treat myself to one.
  • Donnas
    Pinterest follower;
  • Andrew P.
    I'd get the Kenneth Cole Melton Hooded Jacket in Charcoal and the Kenneth Cole Removable Hooded Coat in Black
  • Andrew P.
    Tweeted -
  • Andrew P.
    Pinned -
  • Nigel A.
    I am in the market for some sweet new winter boots for my lovely wife. <3
  • Carrie H.
    I would buy the Paris Hilton Mika Pumps!
  • Gp
    Christmas gifts!

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