Bargainmoose Contest: Win $150 Credit @ Beyond The Rack Canada!

*** Contest now closed - winner was Edmond! ***

The delicious folks at Beyond the Rack are giving one of the lucky Bargainmoosers the chance to have a bit of a shopping spree at their online store - you could win $150 account credit to spend there. Beyond the Rack sell everything from designer clothing to stunning homeware items, so I am sure it would be incredibly easy to blow $150 - I think I could accomplish that feat in under 5 minutes!

Don't forget that if you are a new customer for this store, click through to our coupon section where you will find a Bargainmoose exclusive Beyond the Rack invitation code to get you a $10 credit on new accounts. You need to click the special link there to activate the account credit.

So here are the juicy contest details:

How to enter the contest:

There are a few ways to gain an entry into this contest:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us on what items you would spend your $150
  2. Make sure that you are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates
  3. Tweet a link to this contest and leave your twitter username in the comments below

Contest rules:

  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of entry per household
  • Contest ends 25th July 2012
  • Admin's decision is final, contest subject to change

Good luck, and happy shopping!



  • Martin P.
    The Stacey Jewelry Armoire. Twitter : mpremont
  • Roberta
    OMG... on everything! In the last month alone I have purchased clothes for me and my children, curtains, bedding, wall art, my cotton candy machine, and slip covers for my furniture. The choices are endless!
  • janicour
    I need new luggage, so Heys would be my choice! twitter @janicour
  • Vivian
    I'd spend it on purses!
  • leah
    agreed with roberta!! everything!! but in particular storage merchandise! :P
  • jocelyn
    I'd definitely use the $150 to purchase new things for the house.. kitchen gadgets, bedroom accessories, wall decor.
  • Maria
    Shoes, that's it.
  • Karen
    Shoes in size 11 because they're so hard to find! Beyond the Rack usually has them, and on sale! It's a win-win.
  • Miranda
    Boots! I saw the most awesome boots just the other day!
  • Dini
    I would buy some organizational furniture for the house.
  • pam r.
    They have really beautiful summer skirts right now, I would love to buy myself a few
  • meansoybean
    I'd spend it on home stuff... and maybe that skull ring clutch, if they have it on sale again.
  • Carmen
    Dresses! Got a few weddings to attend this summer, but no moolah for new formal-wear..
  • Amy
    One of the luxury designer bags or a rose gold watch :)
  • Mike G.
    I would buy new kitchen gadgets, maybe some storage containers and if there's anything left, I might put it towards some luggage!
  • Mike G.
    tweeted mikegismondi1
  • Anne T.
    The BTR HOME flash sales have been catching my attention lately, so I would get things to organize and style up the house a bit
  • Joanna R.
    I would most definitely spend it on household items. We live in a tiny little duplex with 2 kids :/ and we've finally been able to purchase a home!!!! Now we just have to do some decorating :)
  • Amber
    I would purchase some new clothes for my new job that I just started today (can you tell I'm excited?!)
  • Sandy H.
    I would buy a summer dress and shoes.
  • Lynn
    Dresses,home items, kitchen items,shoes. I love it all! There are so many things to find on BTR.
  • Lesley S.
    In desperate need of a new quilt for our bed that is dog hair friendly and is sturdy enough to be washed often!! Can't seem to find one where I live :(
  • Lucie
    I would use it as a gift for my kids. Anything designer would be thrill to give. I could just imagine their faces when they opened it up!
  • lilpeej
    I would spend the $150 on a comforter set and a purse.
  • Anastasia
    I would buy clothes for my kids
  • May
    If I win, I will spend it on home decors and kitchen stuffs...
  • Jennifer L.
    I would buy myself a new pair of paints and shirt.
  • Deborah B.
    shoes...Shoes...SHOES!!! :)
  • Jacqueline
    I just got a new house so most definitely house items. Kitchen gadgets, bed and bath accessories, all sorts of decor... you name it, I need it! :)
  • Monica
    purses! :D im obsessed with purses! twitter: impangpang thanks for another great contest giveaway!
  • Brenda
    I would get a dress for work.
  • Lorri-Ann
    I would probably use it for Christmas presents! That would be a huge help to the budget!
  • Kim D.
    I would spend it on some cool kitchen stuff to liven up my kitchen!! :)
  • Sandra
    A new bedding set tweeted @spankerlea
  • Vashti M.
    I subscribe to Bargain Moose email updates!
  • Vashti M.
    I tweeted! My twitter name is @MamaHunfy
  • megan
    I'd spend it on clothing -- I'm in desperate need of a wardrobe update.
  • Suzan
    I would spend my $150 at Beyond the Rack for Jewellery....after 37 years of marriage, I would like a nice new ring!!
  • Stacie
    Clothes for my kids - they grow out of them so quickly and it's nice to see other options not found elsewhere.
  • Alisa
    I'd love some home furnishings, seeing as I just moved!
  • Alisa
    I tweeted the link to this contest. I'm @monalisa7_
  • Mandy
    SHOES! :)
  • Danielle P.
    wow, nice contest for you to offer. Lets see $150 at Beyond the rack, I would possibly take advantage of their Pretty In Pearls sale today or put it on something that I would not usually splurge on for myself. Thanks!
  • Suzanne
    I would spend it on jewelry
  • Alice
    I'd spend it on a designer purse :) Twitter: aliss_
  • Wendy
    I'd buy some new summer dresses. I'm on your email list as well :)
  • megan
    i'd spend it on a new purse for sure! twitter @meganmariab
  • stacey
    dresses, dresses and MORE dresses!!!!
  • wendigirl
    i need some new pots and pans..desperatly!
  • tenille
    I need a new pair of jeans for back to school!
  • Melinda
    I would spend the $150 on some of the great jewelry they sell.
  • Dora B.
    I would definitely buy summer clothes!
  • Jenny
    I would spend it on jeans or purses
  • Jenna E.
    I would purchase some blouses and a skirt if I were to win the $150 credit from Beyond the Rack! @SnyMed
  • Jenna E.
    Second entry: I am subscribed via e-mail to Bargain Moose Daily e-mail updates. Jenna Em / @SnyMed
  • Jenna E.
    Third entry: I tweeted the contest via @SnyMed, here: Jenna Em / @SnyMed
  • gloria
    clothes, jewelry and shoes!
  • gloria
    twitter: @gloriay6
  • Pip
    I would spend the $150 on some much-needed new jeans!
  • Alcide D.
    I would buy clothes for men, shirts and shorts mostly.
  • brassybean
    A bag--no, new work, shoes, boots! I can't decide :)
  • LynneHagey
    I would love to buy myself a really expensive watch!!
  • RL
    I would love to win to buy Juicy Couture. I am a big fan of Juicy, for me and my daughter.
  • Shirley
    summer clothes!
  • Karla S.
    I would spend it on myself,some shirts and pants for myself! ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • Karla S.
    Im subscribed via email ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • Karla S.
    I tweeted
  • Cecilia
    I would spend on new clothes for the kids. I would love to purchase pretty little dresses for them. Tweeted! @happy_chinadoll
  • Cheryl (.
    I would love to buy myself a nice watch! Beyond the Rack has such awesome stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Cheryl (.
    I tweeted about this contest:
  • Cheryl (.
    I am subscribed to receive Bargainmoose daily email updates!
  • Jessy
    I've been wanting a new handbag so definitely that. : )
  • Tiggrr
    Just bought 2 items from Beyond the Rack. 1st one has arrived and the quality is fantastic for the price. Can't wait for the 2nd item to arrive. If I had $150 to spend I would look for matching bedding for my son's twin over double bunk. We just moved him to a new room in the house and are redecorating it for him.
  • Tiggrr
    I tweeted a link to this contest as well but can't figure out how to show the link. My twitter user name is Sandy(tiggrr67) Still new to this twitter stuff...need a twitter for dumbies
  • Linda
    I would spend it on clothes and shoes.
  • Gary T.
    I need a couple of pairs of pants
  • Amanda
    Great contest! I would probably spend it on something I wouldn't normally be able to put out the money on, so maybe a great handbag, or one of the cuisinart kitchen appliances.
  • Amanda
    Tweeted =) @_amanda_star
  • kaitlin
    If I won't 150 I would spend it on the amazing artwork and home decorations to fill my empty walls and room!
  • blessedta
  • ThatCanadiankid
    there's so much to spend it on, hard to choose twitter name - mynamejohn
  • Brandy
    I would like to try out some of the Cuisnart items.
  • Brandy
    E-mail subscriber
  • Emily E.
    I would get the Michael Kors olympia flats, classic and quality
  • Emily E.
    I also subscribed the the daily emails
  • natalie d.
    I would buy items from teh better living section and give them as christmas gifts (its never too early to shop)
  • Pat A.
    I would get my first Cuisinart product from them :)
  • Diane
    I would get a set of Egyptian cotton sheets, and a duck down duvet.
  • erin b.
    i'd spend some cash on some new boots!
  • erin b.
    i have signed up for the email updates too.
  • erin b.
    i also tweeted the contest: @thecorbettkid
  • Michael
    I would buy my Beautiful wife some well deserved new clothes.
  • Michael
    I will retweet this from @centralepicure
  • Jennifer G.
    I would love to get some jewelry for Mom and some nice pillows, bedding or home decor.@charmedchickJG
  • Jennifer G.
    I RT'd! @charmedchickJG
  • Josie
    I would get a purse
  • Josie
    I'm a subscriber
  • Josie
    Tweeted @lattesplease
  • Zoe
    I would definitely buy a piece of furniture. We have a new apartment in August and it's going to be empty! They have some gorgeous kitchen and bedroom stuff at the moment.
  • Shel
    I'd probably pick up some new bedding and accessories. Thanks for the giveaway.
  • Katrina
    i'd get a pair of boots
  • Ashlee
    If I won this I would buy as much stuff for my next vacation as possible !
  • robin
    i would so spoil myself and buy new shoes and cloths and maybe my hubby something cool :)
  • April
    I would buy so many sandals and shoes, it's not even funny! However, their clothes are fabulous, so a top here and there would not hurt!
  • Emily B.
    I might go big and put it towards some Tom Ford sunglasses!
  • Emily B.
    tweet! (@emilyisland)
  • marisa
    I"m not a tweeter, so, I'd spend it on shoes!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • CalgaryCaper
    I'd buy a nice new dress!
  • nikki r.
    would buy new clothes
  • Alana
    Have a wedding coming up in the family, hopefully find something to wear to it!
  • Jill D.
    I would love to get a good handbag!
  • Catharine
    I would buy some bedding for our new room
  • Catharine
    I retweeted (@catamo) and subscribed (cmstellabella (at) gmail (dot) com)
  • Walter
    I would buy a leather jacket
  • Edmond L.
    Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! I would buy beddiIt would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. ng.
  • Edmond L.
    I tweeted. Twitter handle: edmond18
  • Shirlee W.
    Designer clothes , clothes and more clothes!
  • Steve L.
    I need new runners. I'd get decent runners.
  • Cara
    I would get stuff for my new baby to be...or some home decor for my lil place :)
  • Bethany B.
    I would get a few new fall clothes.
  • Rachel D.
    Laguiole Steak Knife Set – Remy Olivier and Thinkkitchen from the BTR home store.
  • Erica R.
    I'd go for some shoes. That or a set of new bed sheets
  • Sarah M.
    I need shoes for my sister's wedding but since i've spent a bunch on the dress i'd like to be able to find my accessories on BTR. :) especially if I win them it would be wonderful !
  • Melissa
    Id probably get some new tops, my tshirts are getting a little worn out
  • J R.
    BOOTS! <3 and of course all the latest fall fashions for back to school!
  • Tyler W.
    A watch! Love some of those watches! Definitely a watch. :)
  • James
    I know it's something around two degrees cooler than the surface of the sun, but every time I go on that site, I just see more things that would make awesome Xmas gifts. So that's where it would go if it were me that wins....and yes, Santa would be sure to pick something up for me as well.
  • DaveO
    I'd buy a new watch.
  • DaveO
    Tweeted (@ PlanetZordoc)
  • Jayellevee
    I would buy my baby girl some new clothes, toys & room decor!
  • Sarah B.
    I'd buy a purse from Matt&Nat the next time they are featured or go crazy and buy some new bikinis and cover-ups at all the amazing end of season prices!!
  • Mike K.
    I love Beyond The Rack! I would buy so much as the website has everything... I'd first start with a $16.99 Maui and Sons Frenzy Printed Tee In White ($13 off). Then I'd get $34.99 Maui and Sons Checkmate Shorts In Black and White ($25 off). Then I'd probably pull out a nice pair of jeans... $39.99 Indicode jeans Dillon Jeans In Vintage Wash ($55 off). To top it all off I'd get a watch, maybe the $49.99 Chronotech Men's Aluminum VIII Watch In Multicolor ($110 off). If you can believe it I just spent only $140 and purchased $345 worth of product! (Savings of $205!!!) I'm also subscribed to BargainMoose Daily E-mail... who wouldn't be! This website is full of AMAZING DEALS Every Day! @PWdotCA
  • Lexi
    If I had the $150 voucher, I'd buy some Christmas gifts for family and friends a little early!
  • Monica
    DID I WIN? :D twitter: impangpang i would DIEEEEE if i did of happiness on the inside

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