Bargainmoose Contest! Lots Of Free Smoofer Vouchers To Win!

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Smoofer Tees - Unique T-Shirts From A Canadian Site!

Our mates over on have a great prize for me to giveaway on Bargainmoose! They're offering 7 of you moosers a $22 gift voucher each (which will get you their most expensive t-shirt)!

Click here to browse the cool tees @

Additionally, if you'd like to make an order right now, there's also a 20% discount coupon code!

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE20
  • Discount: 20%
  • Expires: 21st December 2009

(Orders shipped after the 16th December might not arrive in time for Christmas though)

Smoofer is a Canadian t-shirt company, with some really funky designs on there. Most tees are less than $25 anyway, so if you win one of the 7 free coupons, you could either just choose a totally free t-shirt, or choose 2 tees and pay the difference. Shipping is free too.

If you would like to win one of the free vouchers, just leave a comment below stating which is your fave tee on Make sure you put the correct email address in the comment form, so I can contact you if you win (P.S. Emails are confidential, so nothing to worry about there).


  • Contest ends 21st December 2009
  • Canadian entrants only


  • anna
    Pucca Love Forever or Ice Cream Head Julius are both pretty cool! The Gummy Bears one is pretty cute as well!
  • Kimmy
    My favourite t-shirt on is definitely the I Only Kiss SuperHeroes tee... !
  • Jaye
    I love the Paul Frank "I love Nerds!" shirt because my guy is, well, a nerd! But I'm also leaning towards Sesame Street Crosses the Street because it's too cute!
  • Denise
    New Kids on the Street - I has a lovely white sweatshirt like that in the early '90s...with NKOTB -not G - of course!
  • Tommy
    My favourite shirt is.. Rolling Stones: Tour of Europe ‘76
  • Liz
    My fave is I only Kiss Super Heroes (will have to get that one and wear for my hubby! ) The Paul Frank - I love Nerds is great and also the smurfette one.
  • Sheila M.
    I like all of the Paul Frank Tees., but the one I would want is the smurf tee with "I love smurfing around"...
  • Lorri-Ann
    I like the G.I. Joe Cobra shirt, and the black and white wolverine
  • Trisha
    My favorite shirt is the Paul Frank one with a giraffe on it saying "I love nerds"...because I love nerds.
  • Sherri
    I love the Smurfette Heartbreaker t-shirt!
  • Jan
    Really nice shirts, thanks for the contest. My fav is the Peanut.
  • Jon
    I like a couple of these, Nice , bold and Simple
  • Sandra
    My fave is paul franks "ice cream head julius"
  • Dorina
    My fave is "tickle me Elmo"
    • Anna
      Me too!
  • Ivana
    My favourite one is the Wolverine shirt. I remember watching X-men Saturday mornings and thinking that NO ONE was as effortlessly cool as Wolverine. haha By the way, thanks for leading me to this site, I think I'll order a few t-shirts for my younger nephews and nieces!
  • marla
    I like viva la revolution :D
  • Stacey
    I love the I Love Nerds shirt. So cute!
  • Catherine
    My fave tee on is "I Only Kiss Super Heroes"
  • Bernice
    I would love the Sesame Street 'street-walking' one. My daughter would LOVE it for her birthday :)
  • Dawn R.
    Who wouldn't love.......Popeye, strongest to the finish - Awesome
  • Precilla
    My favourite shirt is definitely the black smurfette heartbreaker one =D it's so adorable!
  • Amy
    My favourite one is the Sesame Street with Elmo.....very cute!
  • Trixter
    I love all the Paul Frank tees. My son loves him too.
  • Nikki
    As much as I think they are all adorable, I'm going to have to go with the Hello Kitty one...can't get enough Hello Kitty!
  • Nita
    "I love Nerds" giraffe! I think that one is pretty sweet, along with the cute chihuahua in the "cone of shame" :P hehe
  • Kristen
    I am lovin' the Oscar the Grouch T-shirt since I loved Sesame Street growing up and green is my favorite colour!
  • carol
    loving the gummy bear care bear t shirt!!!!!!
  • Doug
    My favourite is the Paul Frank "Viva La Revolution" shirt.
  • mo
    the popeye stuff is pretty sweet.......
  • Lesley
    Love, love, love Smurfette!!!!!
  • PB
    I would be tickled with a Tickle me Elmo shirt ... he, hee, heee
  • Kerry
    The Paul Frank monkey with 3D glasses is awesome.
  • Tracy
    My favourites are the Bowie shirt and the G.I. Joe Snake Eyes
  • Gillian
    My favourites are Oscar the Grouch - love the colour green and he's cute but dirty!, Smurfs (Greedy) - I'm so greedy with my junk food, my eyes are bigger than my tummy!, Sesame Street - so cute, and Superman - so cool and sexy
  • Samantha
    I love the Care Bears t-shirt!! Awesome
  • Leanne
    I adore Hello Kitty one! Whats not to love? And also retro Pink Floyd with prism (Dark Side of the Moon). They're all neato tees, really!
  • Debbie W.
    Marvin the Martian is my hero (my fav too) :)
  • ellen
    Starfleet command but Marvin the Martian was a close runner up
  • Christine
    I love the black and white tees with all the superheroes. Very cool!
  • Sheri
    The classic superman logo!
  • Jean
    My fav is Sesame Street crossing the road!
  • Pamela
    I love the Sesame Street shirt. My kids would be soooo jealous. :)
  • Jenny
    My favourite has to be the "I love nerds" t-shirt. I DO love nerds :)
  • Kelly
    My favourite t shirt is 'Hey, it's Fred!' and I don't even know who Fred is!? Does anyone know where to find the t shirt from the Scotia bank tv commercial, that says 'I'm right'.
  • Kelly
    I like the 'Hey, it's Fred' and i don't even know who Fred is! Does anyone know where you can find the tshirt from the Scotia bank commercial that says 'I'm right" ?
  • Lisa
    I love the "Injured Chachi" shirt--too cute!
  • Steven
    I like the Paul Frank "Hot & Fresh" design for Men! ;)
  • joy
    Moose Head Monkey
  • Jen
    I love the Vintage Superman shirt!
  • fred
    I love the Oscar the Grouch Environmentally Friendly
  • lani
    I love the Pucca!
  • Alicia
    My 2 favs are the 'Baby Sesame Street' guys - @ 32 years old i still love watching it and now watch and sing the songs to my best friends 9 mth old son. Second fav is the 'i only kiss superheros' cause really if you don't have kissing standards what do you have in life!
    i love the Pucca Love Forever! Way too cute
  • Sarah
    My favourite is the Sesame Street parady on Abby Road, haha... so clever! (
  • kristine
    I love anything Paul Frank :) even for my DD lol
  • Jessica
    We have a soft spot for Optimus Prime in our house.
  • Renee
    OMG!! I work at a radio station and there's always this ongoing competition thoughout the staff for having the coolest Tees!! I would so win it if I were to win one of my favourite Smoofer Tees; "Viva La Revolution"... or, from the Female selection, Paul Frank's "Rockin' In Space" or Sesame Street's "Cross The Road"!! These Tees are awesome!!!! ~ Renee
  • Lisa
    wow- cool site- i can't decide on just one but probably the smurfette if you made me choose.
  • Dayna C.
    Loving the Paul Frank and the Smurfette T's :)
  • Sharon M.
    Wouldn't it be great to win a T-Shirt! My favorite is Pucca #PC0189.
  • Vicky B.
    I love the Tickle Me Elmo T-Shirt!
  • KathyO
    My husband IS Marvin the Martian, married to me,a Snoopy lover, and we are parents to 'Smurfette', 'Pucca' and one of the Transformers!
  • Jessica Z.
    My fav. t-shirt is Peanuts...Charlie Brown with the Ice Cream!
  • Anne T.
    Hubby would love the Star Trek: 2009 Remix Tshirt! Thanks
  • Laura
    Gotta be Oscar the Grouch!
  • Scott
    That's easy - the "Vintage Superman"
  • tobagrl
    I love Marvin the Martian!
  • Denise
    My favorite on is the Sesame Street done like Beatles Abbey Road (Style# SE2209J)! Very cool! My other favorites are the Tickle Me with Elmo (Style# SE2260J) and the Sesame Street New Kids on the Street (Style# SE2259)! Great Promotion Bargain Moose!!
  • Scott
    I'm torn between the cuteness of the Elmo "Tickle Me" and the patriotic nerdiness of the Wolverine (he's Canadian) shirts. Too many great T's to choose from.
  • Cheryl
    Hard to choose! Superman: The Stone Shield
  • Lisa
    Gotta love Charlie Brown eating ice cream! It reminds me of my childhood :)
  • Marsi
    The classic Superman is my current fave. Great site btw!!!!!!
  • wendigirl
    i love sooo many of them...the male brown superman or the female rolling
  • Debra
    The Smurfette HeartBreaker tee looks fab :)
  • anna
    I love any of the paul frank shirts - the Flat Iron Julius had me laughing out loud!
  • Lexiesmom
    My fav is the "Sesame Street: “Sesame Babies”" I know a little girl who would love it! Thanks so much
  • Penny
    I really like the Transformers t-shirts. I would love to win one of these for my grandson
  • Melissa13
    I love the Oscar the Grouch t-shirt.
  • Jody
    LOOOOVE the felix the cat shirt! Would be great to win!
  • Sheila
    I really like the tickle me elmo tshirt =)
  • Leanne
    Definitely the vintage superman.
  • Maggie
    Aw, I want the Paul Frank "moose head monkey" shirt for my boyfriend. I guess even if I don't win I should buy it. :)
  • Shel
    I like the Paul Frank Boing Boing tee.
  • Cindy
    I love all the Paul Frank ones, the "I love nerds" especially! Augghh so adorable!
  • PJ
    Love the Julius Nerd by Paul Frank!
  • Michael
    the best shirt is Pucca Love Forever reminds me of cherry other half would love it!
  • Amanda
    What a great contest! My favourite tshirt is the Smurfette Heart Breaker and I have to say the 'I Only Kiss Super Heroes' is right up there too : )
  • Diane
    I like Tickle Me with a picture of Elmo.
  • cathy
    I would love to have the David Bowie and the one with Charlie brown holding the ice cream cone.
  • Margaret H.
    I like the Star Trek t-shirt... and I really like this site!
  • Avigayil
    LOL. I'm a girl.. but I would sooo get one of the guys' shirts! "Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here" shirt all the way! Tis sweet! I really like the vintage stuff though. The transformers stuff was just to drool over...
  • Justin
    I like the Looney Tunes: Marvin the Martian t-shirt =) Oh and you've posted a bunch of threadless posts before, I thought you'd like to see a design I just submitted!
  • natalie d.
    I really like the green ladies oscar the grouch one,. thanks.
  • Joanne L.
    My favorite is the New Kids on the Street and the Smurf t-shirts.
  • oct
    my pick is the charlie brown loves ice cream tee. ;D
  • Samantha
    I love the Tickle me Elmo one, always a favourite. The kids at school would just adore it!!!
  • Julia
    Love the hello kitty shirt !!!
  • Natalie
    I LOVE Pucca Love Love Love - thats what its all about anyway and I'd give it to my little niece if I won. A second fave is Sesame Babies because I grew up with Sesame Street & it still brings smiles to my face - especially Cookie Monster's googly eyes.
  • Sheila M.
    smurfs rock!
  • Ali
    Have to say all the Smurf ones rock!
  • Paula
    I'd really like to have the Hello Kitty Love/Peace shirt. LOVE Hello Kitty!
  • Leanne
    Anna , finally got my order in using my winning code. I decided to get the Paul Frank - I Love Nerds tee finally. I actually got it for my young niece going to university because she loves Paul Frank. (sigh) oh the sacrifices an aunt has to make ;-) So I'll probably be going back to the website to get a tshirt for me next time! thanks again.

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