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12 August 2014

martial arts

Do you have a kid in martial arts or are you yourself in martial arts? You don't have to buy your gear and uniforms from your dojang at their inflated prices. You can get it from Akross Canada and you can also save 20% off your $100 and up purchase with our exclusive coupon code. Unfortunately, you can't use this coupon on sale items.

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My two older boys are in martial arts and my youngest will be starting it in the fall. I absolutely love having them in martial arts, as I feel that not only does it promote physical fitness, it also teaches important life skills like discipline, focus and safety. My oldest child has done the gamut when it comes to extracurricular sports, but there is nothing he liked more than martial arts. It also gives him a goal to focus on, which is usually the next belt and ultimately, his black belt.

But, martial arts can be insanely expensive. I spend over $100 a month per kid just to do the classes, then there is the gear on top of that. I'm very excited about this coupon from Akross, as I had never thought to buy online. I'm also hoping to get started myself in martial arts, so this will save me money on my own uniform and sparring gear.

My oldest son now needs his own set of sparring gear, like this JCalicu head guard in red. I'm going to need to figure out the sizing chart to see what size will fit his head. It sells for $47.50.

Sometimes when you enroll your child in martial arts, the starting deal will include a uniform. If it doesn't, you can get your own. My youngest will be starting in little dragons, and I love this dragon uniform for him, which I could also add his name too! It is $54.90 regularly priced.

If I got both the uniform and the head guard, I'd save the 20% and pay only $81.92, saving over $20. Every penny counts when you are a martial arts kid's mother!

Akross Canada also offers free shipping on orders over $25, which is a really great and low threshold. If you are using this coupon, you definitely get free shipping and if you can't use the coupon, you can at least get yourself free shipping on stuff I bet you are going to buy anyway!

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