Refurb Dyson Vacuums From $300 @ Dyson Canada

Refurb Dyson Vacuums From $300

These vacuums are back in stock! You guys seemed to be into the vacuums, and our fellow writer Erin informed me about the refurbished vacuums available at Dyson Canada. If you don't care that your machine is brand new, then I suggest you take a look! Dyson Canada has refurb vacuums for as low as $299.99 - which is a phenomenal price compared to their $600 regular price tag. Plus, you'll get free shipping.

The first vacuum to catch my attention was the Dyson DC41C. I have a toddler, two cats and two dogs. I need a vacuum that can do the job well. This vacuum is available for $299.99 and is designed for heavy dust and homes with pets. It even comes with a two year warranty! The great thing about the refurb products here is that Dyson repairs them to like-new so you will basically be receiving a new machine, for a fab price. Colours may vary, though I do hope mine comes in purple!

The other two vacuums available in the refurb section right now are the DC66 which has the strongest suction, for $299.99 and the DC51 which is compact with full-sized power for $329.99. Of course, choose the vacuum that fits your lifestyle the best.

Free shipping is definitely a huge bonus, especially when you consider the size of these vacuums!

What vacuum did you score today?!

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