Save $51 on Sony Wireless Headphones (Pay $49)

Sony quality headphones without the wires? Yes, please. Thank you, The Source Canada.

**The above link likely won't work. If it does not, please search for 3319729 on

The model on these, if it means anything to you, is MDRF925RK. These headphones' MSRP seems to be $119.99 but The Source's regular price is $99.99. You save $51.11 off of The Source's regular price so you only pay $48.88.

I love this style of headphones. I've owned several pairs of them over the years. The problem for me has always been the wires. The ones I used to buy had an in-line audio control for play, pause and volume. The problem with them was that the wires connecting that control to the rest of the headphones were tiny. They would constantly be snapping. It wasn't Sony's fault, I'm just terribly hard on my stuff. I wish these headphones would have been around when I was into the DJ style headphones.

There are 132 reviews on these headphones and they are rated 4/5. Definitely a good product, and at 50% off, they're a great deal, too! Christmas is coming up and these would be great for anyone. It should be noted that these are RF headphones, not bluetooth so they have a base station. It makes for better range but it also makes them less portable. They have rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries and a charging base station.

Shipping: Free for in-store pick-ups, starts at $4.99 for standard shipping.

(Expires: 30th November 2012, 11:59PM ET)

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