Canon Camera Bag and Battery for T2i, T3i and T4i only $70 (Save $30)

What would happen if the Queen of England came over here and threw your fancy new T4i on the ground, huh? It'd smash to bits, that's what. That's why you need this camera bag, to stop the Queen of England from breaking your stuff.

Right now this camera bag is $69.99 but after 30th November 2012, the price jumps $30 to $99.99.

In all seriousness, Queen bully scenario aside, you need a camera bag and you need a good one. I have a relative who is really in to photography and I can remember him paying over $100 for his camera bag. It seems kinda nuts at first but it makes sense, especially if you are a pro or semi-pro. If you're using your camera to make money and it breaks, you don't make any more money or you need to revert to your backup camera. A camera bag keeps you prepared. You can carry all the stuff you need, including your spare battery...

...your spare battery that you got with this deal! There is nothing more infuriating than having your camera (or any device) die in the middle of doing something. Keeping the spare battery charged and in your bag is a great help.

(Expires: 30th November 2012)

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