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4 December 2011

Stocking stuffers are always a difficult thing to get: you want the items to be useful and enjoyed, but they have to be small. Enter the Gadgetree Portable Mini Speaker. Priced at only $9.99 it is an affordable stocking stuffer: and one that is sure to be used!

The blue and black are already sold out online, might want to check in store for those colours.

About the speaker:

Pop it open, plug it in and share your music! Perfect for use with your MP3 player, iPod, smartphone, or any audio device with a 3.5mm jack. Features a built in rechargeable lithium. Rechargeable via USB (cable included), providing you with hours of music.

I couldn't find these speakers anywhere else in my looking's, but any speakers that were of a similar style cost around $25+ so I think this is a really good deal.

Here is a review from the black speaker:

Grabbed this for $10 to replace my laptop's blown out speakers -- thought about getting a more expensive one, but this one is perfectly suitable! Impressive sound for such a small device. I even used it to play music at a small gathering. The instructions say that if it is overcharged, the sound quality will deteriorate, and sure enough, after a couple hours of being plugged into the USB, it got all static-y... but once unplugged and running on its battery, it was just fine. Not sure how long the battery lasts, but as I am using this for my laptop, whenever it runs out, it would be quick to recharge via USB. Love it!

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