Skinn Super Treat Kit $58.25 + Shipping @ The Shopping Channel Today Only (Expired)

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for someone who likes skincare, check out the showstopper deal from The Shopping Channel today - they're offering the Skinn Super Treat Kit for only $58.25 plus shipping.

The original price of the Skinn Super Treat Kit was $79.99, so it's down by $21.74 to $58.25. Sadly, shipping is another $7.97 which bring the grand total to $66.22 if you're buying this on its own. It might be worth throwing some other things in your cart too, such as this Hot Gear 3 Piece Hood and Sock Set for $33.98.

Back to the Skinn set - it includes 6 items in total, here's a quick list:

  • Sulfate Free Cleanser (8oz)  -valued at $48.00
  • Olive & Enzyme Cleanser (8oz) - valued at $36.00
  • Enriched Softening Essence (6oz) - valued at $30.00
  • Collagenesis 24 Hour Treatment (4oz) - valued at $49.50
  • Orchid Gel Mattefying Day Treatment Seal (2oz) - valued at $30.00
  • (2) Twin Set Lip Duo - valued at $18.50

They state the retail value is $230.50 - I always take this figure with a pinch of salt, don't believe everything you read... But even so, it's still quite a lot of good quality skincare items for around the $60 mark. The lippies sound good - I'd like to try those.

The Shopping Channel is pretty good for gift ideas for ladies, have a browse! And remember, we're tagging all our gift ideas with Christmas - check out those too.

(Ends 7th December 2012)

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