Personalized Gift Ideas from only $9 Shipped @ Simply Colors Canada!


If anyone is on the lookout for some original gift ideas for Christmas, then Simply Colors is an excellent place to check. They have a really fun range of clothing and accessories which you can personalise with the name of the gift recipient. Simply Colors has items for both adults and kids, and I spotted a deal on accessories from only $9 plus you can actually get free shipping on ANYTHING with the coupon code below!

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  • Coupon Code: shipFREE
  • Discount: Free shipping on ANY order
  • Expires: 8th November 2015

The regular cost of shipping is actually $5.95, so this Simply Colors coupon code is saving you that amount on your order, which is pretty sweet.

The personalised kids’ pajamas are a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift, in my opinion. They are available in sizes 1.5 to 8 years, and they are made of thick and super soft cotton. The tops are $19.95 and the matching pajama pants are $9.95. So, you’re talking about paying just under $30 for a set of personalised pajamas – including free shipping. Some of these are pictured in the image above, they’re super-cute!!

And here’s a quick list of a few other items which you might want to consider:

As you can see, the prices start at only $8.95 but there’s quite a wide range of items to choose from. Free shipping just makes this deal ROCK!

Please note – if you end up spending more than $60 on Simply Colors, use the coupon code FAN instead. This is for a 10% discount and if your order totals more than $60, then the 10% coupon will work out to be the better value deal.


  • Jenn
    This looked like a really great deal and I was on the final page of ordering when I noticed that the price was USD not Canadian. With the current exchange rate, this deal isn't quite as sweet as it appears. I was on the Canadian page of this site, so I'm not sure why the prices weren't in Canadian Dollars, or that it wasn't apparent sooner that the prices were in USD. Just a heads up for all!
    • Anna W.
      Jenn, there is the option to change the currency at the top right of their site. The prices I have stated above are the Canadian prices.

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