Peppa Pig Advent Calendar $44.97 @ Toys R Us Canada

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar $44.97

If you know a Peppa Pig fan, you're going to want to check this out! The Peppa Pig Advent Calendar is on sale at Toys R Us Canada, and you can pick it up for $44.97 shipped!

This set usually sells for $59.99, and there's no guarantee it'll stay in stock for long – so I'd grab one soon!

You and your little ones can use this calendar to count down to when Santa comes! Each day, you'll open a brand new surprise, and by Christmas Day, you'll have an entire Peppa Pig set to play with!

The Peppa Pig Advent Calendar includes 12 figures and 12 accessories. Who do you think is behind all the doors?

For a limited time (Nov. 2-16, 2017), shipping is FREE on most Toys R Us Canada orders!

There are plenty of other cool advent calendars out there, too! Check out our list of the Best 2017 Advent Calendars Canada for Kids!


  • Stephanie H.


  • Jamie R.

    Oh my gosh. Graycie would love this :grin::grin:

  • Lisa W.

    Ffs!! Why do they do this now?! Maybe we can return one when we are at toys r us

  • Jen H.

    they are definitely late coming out with this one! I looked for a Peppa one first

  • Lisa W.

    you could buy it and we will return paw patrol somewhere. Or sell it?

  • Krista G.

    alot of money for an advent calendar

  • Candice S.

    Oh man I was looking at a playmobile one for her. But this is awesome

  • Angela O.

    Oh he would be SO happy with that! Thanks Aimee I'll check it out :grin:

  • Robin H.

    I clicked on the link. It says it's at toys r us

  • Robin H.

    It brought me right to the item on the toys r us website.

  • Kaleah Y.

    I dunno, I think the pieces might still be a bit small like that Paw Patrol one we looked at :/

  • Wendy C.

    That would be AMAZING!! Lol

  • Pam S.

    They have little people ones, paw patrol and frozen!

  • Amanda P.

    I was just looking at the Paw Patrol one. Tens is obsessed

  • Shari M.

    Omg no more Peppa Pig in this house!

  • Jen R.

    Got Ava a paw patrol one this year she hasn't been loving peppa lately

  • Tiannaa C.

    Taylynn would love this !!!

  • Megan F.

    Are you ordering one?? Lol

  • Stephanie F.

    - is Avery still obsessed ?

    • Nancy G.

      She was just taking about this yesterday! :joy:

  • Steph B.


  • Leslie W.

    Geeze. If it wasn’t $50 I’d get it

  • Barb B.

    - just got this for Emmy for less than sale price!!

  • Beverley W.

    Too cute, where can you get it?

  • Nathian G.

    You rock

  • Melissa D.

    Perfect, ordered!

  • Melissa D.

    this is on sale even further today! Get it for Hails!

  • Barb B.

    I ordered it :speak_no_evil:

  • Sarah V.

    omg :heart::heart:

  • Melissa D.

    I know right?!

  • Kelly C.

    Actually no this one is better! She loves peppa!

  • Jennifer P.

    OMG Ayla, you’re a genius!

  • Ayla G.

    I seen it and thought of Charlie right away lol

  • Sandy H.

    , for your pretty little girl.:slight_smile:

    • Mandy M.

      Thank you, that's awesome:)

  • Jocelyn F.

    , for Bree!

    • Sara P.

      Ordered and shipped!

    • Sara P.

      And got it 15% off the sale price

  • Don R.


  • Shauna W.

    for Aria

  • Justine B.

    get this for Quinn!

  • Janelle R.

    y if only Hadley was older lol pieces look a bit too small

  • Cathy P.

    for Maggie?

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