Nygard: 30% Off All Bedding


This is a nice little promotion from Nygard, as we well know how expencive bedding can be! On their 6th day of promotions Nygard is offering 30% off Nygard Home. This includes towels, bedding sets, duvet, sheets.. etc.

You get free shipping on any order of $100 or more. That would be pretty easy to do. I checked out their bedding section and found this beautiful set called Sadie. You can get it in a comforter or a duvet plus choose which accessories you want. Of course for a quality bed set you will pay a fair penny... but the 30% off helps quite a bit. When you add it to your cart it takes the 30% off. I added the Queen sized Duvet to my cart and it went from $240 to $168.

Their towels look nice too and are very reasonably priced (coming from someone who just bought towels at The Bay). They are 100% combed cotton and come in three different colours. Stick one in your cart and 30% off looks rather sweet.

Not sure if this deal expires at the end of today or is valid for the rest of the 12 days.

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