Kids Fun Christmas Outfits $19.99 @ Zulily

Kids Fun Christmas Outfits $19.99

My cousin's daughter needs a new dress for Christmas photos and lots of the ones we were looking at weren't quite as fun and festive as she hoped they would be. When we spotted these Christmas dresses on Zulily, we were smitten. The entire selection below is $19.99 and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is $54.00. Zulily covers duties to ship to Canada and you'll be charged in CAD dollars.

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Here's a list of the pretty dresses you can purchase for toddlers and girls, ranging in size from 2 - 6X.

Shipping will vary with prices starting at $5.95.


  • Heather S.

    Does zulily ship to Canada?

    • Abigail M.

      Yes, I order from there all the time. But the Canadian zulily site is different.

    • Heather S.

      cool. I didn't know there was a Canadian one. Thanks!

    • Abigail M.

      i use the app and it offers you Canadian prices

  • KaylaS

    Just remember to place your orders asap for your item(s) to arrive in time for the holiday season. Zulily is apparently notorious for longer than normal shipment times as they generally need to wait to get the products from the suppliers once ordered. So far, I have only made one order from Zulily but it arrived in a decent time frame of a couple weeks. I still have a credit for Zulily and this could be the perfect use for it as my daughter would enjoy a fun dress for Christmas this year. Thanks for the post, Eryn!

    • KaylaS

      Sadly, it looks like every size in every style is already all SOLD OUT :( 

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