iPhone Light-Up Merry Charger $12.89 CAD

iPhone Christmas Charger $12.89

We all know that one person who started celebrating Christmas as soon as Halloween ended (or even before). If you are that person, then this is definitely something you'll want to treat yourself to!

The iPhone Merry Charger is the perfect way to show off your holiday spirit, and you can grab one for about $12.89 CAD (from $19.02 CAD) at ThinkGeek Canada!

This is probably the easiest way to decorate your office, desk or wherever you happen to be – just plug it in and enjoy the festive glow while your phone charges!

The charger has 10 multicoloured lights all powered by a standard USB socket. It's compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6S/6 Plus. Don't worry though Android users – as one commenter pointed out, all you need is a lightning-to-micro USB adapter to get it to work with your device!

Shipping to Canada is an additional $12.95, but you can always save a little extra when you refer a friend to ThinkGeek. You'll get $10 off when they make their first purchase!


  • Meagan C.

    we need these!!!

  • Terri F.

    OMGosh! This are too cute aren't they !

  • Jamee M.

    Oh em gee

  • Pamela K.

    OMG! it would match my snowman! :snowman:

  • Meg A.

    I have one like this! It's not colourful .. but still amazing :slight_smile:

  • Debbie B.

    would love this <3

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    Oh me!!!

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    Love it!

  • Chantal S.

    Hehe absolutely

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    Omg. Yes i would.

  • Emily M.

    Lol no

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  • Jill G.

    Haha I.need

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  • Korin L.

    !.. I think you need this for your office!...I promise I won’t borrow it!

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  • Melissa O.

    I want!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Tracey B.

    Love it!

  • NiNi R.

    I want it for an Android!

  • Bridget J.

    is this it? It’s cool.

    • April B.

      Yes I want it.

  • Niki B.

    Omg yes!!!

  • Nancy D.


  • Christina S.

    You know it!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Crystal D.

    totally you.

    • Sandy E.

      Love it!!!

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    Me :blush:

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    Me ....

  • Tracy M.

    That’s awesome!!

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  • Annie-Kim P.

    d :heart_eyes:

  • Pat N.

    U totally need that T:blush:

  • Olivia K.


  • Sarah S.

    So cute!

  • Bradey T.

    That's the thing we got in. Lol. Only works for iPhone. :laughing::laughing:

  • Liz B.

    ...I know you don’t have an iPhone but wouldn’t this be cool?!?!?!

    • Lyndsay M.


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  • Mel A.

    Omg stocking stuffer plz

  • Jenn W.

    I want one!!

  • Ryan S.

    I know

  • Jennifer G.

    Shipping to Canada is the same price as the charger.. :expressionless: too bad, I wanted one!

  • Leanne B.

    Damn you!!! :heart:

  • Whitney A.

    I want a few of them.. apparently shipping is as much as one charger so we should order two and split the cost! :wink:

  • Leanne B.

    If you do, get me one and I'll e-transfer you!

  • Leanne B.

    And IF you do, order me two!!!

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