Christmas Inflatables Deals

16 November 2010


If you want some cute Christmas inflatables to brighten up your home and garden this holiday season, there are a number of stores in Canada where you can hunt for bargains. So whether you're looking for an inflatable Santa or just a big snowman, there should be something for you here.

Last year, Home Depot Canada had some excellent deals on their Christmas inflatables. Most of their stock was 50% off, but that sale didn't start until mid-December. Keep your eye on them for bargains. I also think it is worth signing up to the Home Depot email newsletters and they will email you with deals.

Another store which sells Christmas inflatables is Rona Canada. Most of the deals can only be ordered in-store, there is no online ordering option here. But you can browse the online pages to your heart's content, to see if they have what you want.

Canadian Tire also sell a lot of Christmas items - you might find what you are looking for in the outdoor decor section. I really like this inflatable Santa comedy scene for $69.99.

Check out for more deals. They also sell a few Christmas inflatables such as this inflatable polar bear or snowman, as well as various other items.

You might not have thought of this one, but you can probably pickup great bargains on Just search for some important keywords to try and find a deal. A quick search for "inflatable" finds quite a few relevant items. There will also be some irrelevant items in there, but at first glance it seems quite comprehensive.

So it's worth price comparing at all the above stores if you want to decorate your holiday home on a budget.

Can you name any more stores which I shouls add to this list?


  • Bargainmooser Andrea suggests checking out the range of Christmas inflatables at LW Stores.
  • Bargainmooser Tara suggests Walmart and Superstore.
  • Bargainmooser Leslie suggest The Co-Op Stores.

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  • Andrea
    Apparently LW stores carry a bunch of Christmas inflatables. I'd guess the stock would vary from store to store, as applies to all their stock....
  • Tara
    Walmart also carries a line of inflatables for Christmas and Halloween, they don't seem to get many so I rarely see them on sale. Superstore in Manitoba has Christmas ones as well.
  • Leslie
    Co-op stores have some really nice ones on sale. We bought the 7' tall snowman for $29.99 very reasonable price for a large inflatable. They also have santa etc.
  • jdinflatables
    Thanks for sharing useful info on virtually identical, here i got lots of knowledge about it.!

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