Entertainment Books: Save 20% & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books has another great deal happening for a limited time only. Save 20% off the 2013 new Entertainment book and get free shipping as well.

You can save on so many things locally that the book will pay for itself. Each book will save you on local attractions, restaurants, and stores.  In addition to these local coupons, you can also save on travel, movies, groceries and much much more.

There are literally thousands of dollars in savings, and I find that there are so many coupons that it is a good idea to buy one and share it with a friend.  That way you can split the cost (which is a great price already) and share the coupons.  With a lot of the coupons, there are more than 1 of the same one.  That makes it really easy to share.

The 2013 Entertainment Book coupons are valid through November 2013 so you have more than a year to use them all up.

(Expiry: 19th  November 2012)

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