Cineplex: Holiday Gift Pack is Back (EXPIRED)

Cineplex has their awesome Holiday Gift Pack back again this year just in time for Christmas.  Buy a Cineplex gift card for $30 or more and you will receive a gift pack worth over $65.

Here is what you will get in this Holiday Gift Pack:

  • Free admission during the month of your birthday
  • Free premium upgrade, valid for 2 people
  • 2 for 1 admission
  • Free small popcorn
  • Free small popcorn with any sized drink purchase
  • Free 120g bag of M&M’s with the purchase of a large popcorn & large drink

This offer is valid on physical gift cards only, but if you would like to purchase a $50 E-Gift Card you will receive a $10 E-Gift Card as your gift that will be delivered within 48 hours.  I suggest getting the physical gift card though, because you get so much of a better deal with it.

I love giving this type of gift card for presents at Christmas time.  It is a nice bonus that you will also get $65 worth gifts/coupons to go with it.

(Expiry: 5th January 2012)


  • Ada
    what is a premium upgrade?
  • Emily
    Has anyone bought this holiday gift pack before? It seems to me a bit too good to be true, but would like to hear what people who've bought it have to say. I'm assuming apart from the first item, everything else is a one time thing. But is there a limit on how many free admission is allowed during birthday month? I want to read the fine print!
    • Anne
      I wondered this too. Everywhere it says during the month of your birthday EXCEPT if you look on If you click on the 'buy gift cards' tag it takes you to the Cineplex store where you can click on the ad for the holiday pack. On there is the only place where it clearly states 'Free admission on your birthday'. So it looks as if the other ads are really misleading and you only get one free admission that month. I'm going to check at my local movie theatre to make sure though.
      • Heather
        The holiday gift pack contains ONE coupon to be used for a free movie during your birth month. It is an excellent deal considering you also get a 2 for 1 admission coupon (which my husband & I used tonight to see "Argo", a great movie), a coupon for a free bag of popcorn, a free upgrade for 2 for example to see a 3D movie for the price of a regular one, an on-line chance to win Scene points or free movies for a year (which I was trying to find, but can't seem to, and found this instead), and coupons for free popcorn and candy with purchase. These $30 gift cards with free holiday gift pack make great gifts or to keep for yourself.
        • Krista W.
          Thanks Heather for clearing up the confusion!
  • Barbara F.
    Received 2 holiday gift pkgs for xmas -- am trying to enter contest for free movies for a year (pin # on back of coupon). No luck @ or on site under contests. Contest closes Jan 12th -- Pls provide correct site for entry. Thanks -- Barbara Feehan
  • Anja
    Have been trying to enter my pin and scene card number to receive 100 free scene points...what a sham...can not find any spot to put the info in....keeps me going in circles.Please help....Anja
  • Mary E.
    Have been trying to use the code to get the tree upgrade for a movie and have not been able to do it. Garbage the only thing good about this entire deal is getting the free bag of popcorn. Spent $300 to upload my gift card and was supposed to get all these gifts and only get the popcorn and not even the butter. Very disappointed
    • Anna W.
      Mary, you're reading an expired deal in the archives from 2012, this deal is no longer in action... sorry
  • vnichie
    Bought a holiday package for Dec. 2014 and now cannot use the coupon that says will not expire till march 31 2015! What is this rip off !!!! Code 6393001343847
    • Anna W.
      vnichie - it's up to you to get in touch with Cineplex and sort that out, we cannot help.

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