Christmas Sweater and Toque Set for Wine $3 Shipped @ AliExpress

Christmas Sweater and Toque Set for Wine $3

When we go for Christmas get-togethers at our friends' homes, we like to bring a bottle of wine for our hosts. This year I'm going to buy several of these to have on hand, to make the wine a little more festive.

AliExpress seller Factory Wholesale Mall is selling an assortment of 5 knit sweaters and toques that will ship for free. Each one is $ 2.96 CAD. There is a Santa Suit non-knit fabric for $1.62 but if the truth be told, it's just not as adorable as these other ones are.

Shipping will take a long time, from around 50 - 60 days so if you order now it should arrive in time for the holiday season.

Shipping is free.

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