Christmas Eva Idea: Matching Moose Caboose PJs! - Now 50% Off @ Lazyone


Lazy One Canada is offering 50% off these fun and funky Moose Caboose Flap Jacks pyjamas. Prices vary by size, but you will save 50% of infant, kids, youth, and adult Moose Caboose Flap Jacks.

I am delighted by these warm little jammies as they are perfect Christmas gifts for the entire family. You can pick up matching pyjamas for Mom, Dad, and the kids as well no matter how old they are. These are the cutest jammies in the world as they have a moose graphic on the butt that says "Moose Caboose". These flap jacks are perfect for our Moosers!

You can choose from two colours: brown or pink. For different sizes of family members, there are different sizes of flap jacks. Do note that the flaps DO NOT open on kid and infant Flap Jacks but they do on the youth and adult models. Here is your age chart:

Infant: pick up either the Flap Jacks Pink Infant (Moose Caboose) or the Flap Jacks Brown Infant (Moose Caboose) for babies ages six to 18 months old. Originally $26.99, they are now on sale for $13.50.

Kids: This size range covers ages 2T up to size 6. You can buy the Flap Jacks Pink - Moose Caboose - Kids or the Flap Jacks Brown Unisex - Kids - Moose Caboose. Originally $32.99, they are now on sale for $16.50.

Youth: This is the first children's range that has a completely operational rear flap. These come in sizes 8 - 14. You can pick up the Flap Jacks Brown Unisex - Youth - Moose Caboose) and the Flap Jacks Pink - Moose Caboose - Youth on sale from $41.99 down to $21 each.

Adult: Lastly, we have the adult size range. The Flap Jacks Brown Unisex Adult (Wanna Moose Around) and the Flap Jacks Pink Adult (Wanna Moose Around) actually follows a men's size range from 5'4 up to 6' in height. If you are between sizes, I recommend consulting the company. Originally $54.99 each, they are now on sale for $27.50.

Pick up an entire matching family set of Moose Caboose Flap Jacks for your family this Christmas. In some families, pyjamas are given on Christmas Eve so you can wake up Christmas morning in a new set of jammies. These would make fantastic Christmas Eve gifts for yourself and the entire family.

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