Canada Post: Free Letter Back From Santa

Free Santa Letter

How cool would it be if your child wrote a letter to Santa, and received a response?! It is happening! Canada Post is offering a free mail service, and they will send your child a personalized letter from Santa Claus. How exciting?!

Be sure to include that your child was well behaved all year (except for thatone time I am sure). Don't forget to include your child's name and return address on the envelope, so the elves can ensure that Santa's letter arrives at the right place.

So have your child write to this address, and wait excitedly for the response:

Santa Claus
North Pole

You must mail your child's Christmas wish list no later than the 11th of December.


  • Cheryl O.

    It’s not a personalized letter. But it does come from Santa :slight_smile:

  • Melanie H.

    It should also mention that you do not need a stamp.

  • Madelyn J.

    Yes I know I did that for Anthony in previous years :heart_eyes:

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