Bargainmoose Spot Contest: Win 1 of 5 Dove Body Gift Packs! (Closed)

*** Contest now closed, winners were Mandy, Stacey, xmd5, Tania and Pat ***

Boo! Scare ya? Surprise! It's a surprise contest for today only!!

If you'd like to win 1 of 5 of these Dove Go Fresh Women's Hair and Body Gift Pack by Unilever from Wagjag Canada, read on dear Moosers...

How to enter:

The Dove Go Fresh gift pack contains various herby and fruity scents, like pomegranate, lemon, waterlily and mint. In the comment below, tell us your favourite fruit, and why!

If you won this, it would be a nice personal treat, or it would even make a pretty good stocking stuffer for a family member.


  • Contest ends 7th December 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • P.S. Prize value is $30 each with a cost of $14 on the Wagjag grocery section.


  • Layal
    My favorite fruit is strawberry. I could eat strawberries any time of year, any day of the year. I enjoy the sweetness and how light they are.
  • Melisa
    My favorite fruit is orange (a little boring I know), but they are so sweet and juicy and good source of vitamin C too!
  • Kristina H.
    II love raspberries. They have such an intense sweet flavour and are so easy to eat on the go! They also make some of the best smoothies!
  • Olsi
    Favorite and most nutritious fruit is pomegranate! Amazingly good and rich in antioxidants which are important to maintain good health :)
  • Angela
    Mangos! Mmm juicy and sweet!
  • Mandy
    The peach because I like it in every form I've ever had it in - real fruit, canned, artificial flavour, etc :)
  • Amie
    Eating a pomegranate right now lol! I really like the pomegranate one. Actually I usually always pick up dove products. Fruit is much better than a floral scent!
  • Stu
    My favourite fruit is raspberries freshly picked out of the garden because they are great on pancakes…yum!
  • Pam
    Nothing beats a fresh ripe strawberry straight from the garden, because they are so sweet. But a good, juicy peach makes a close second! Yum!
  • Faith
    I'll go with strawberries as my favourite fruit! (Just wish the season lasted longer here in Canada.)
  • Deborah
    I love peaches - fresh from the Okanagan. They are so tasty and sweet!
  • oreo
    My favourite fruit is cherries!!,Big, red and juicy cherries are the die for! only if they car cheaper, i would eat them every
  • Tiffany
    Raspberries - they remind me of summer
  • peepsi16
    I am going to go with avocado. It had me at guacamole lol. I dont feel guilty when I eat chips if I am having avocado :)
  • Cecilia
    My favourite fruit is mango. It tastes so good I could almost each a whole case by myself.
  • tenille c.
    I'm going to go with lemon - weird fruit, I know. Its just that it's so fresh. It's clean, and has some amazing uses.
  • Kelly
    I love passionfruit! It's looks terrible - purple and wrinkly, frog eggs on the inside - but it's soooo tasty and tangy. Makes you pucker right up!
  • Kylie
    My fav fruits is mango. Love the juicy and sweet taste. Yum.
  • Jen
    my favourite fruit is strawberries.... just love picking them and eating them right off the plant... then going home & having them with whipped cream --- yummy
  • Fay. H.
    My favourite fruit is the papaya! A fresh & ripe one is very sweet. Papaya is also good for detox, anti-aging, and has other benificial properties!
  • Thom
    My favorite fruit is mango because when blended, it makes the best smoothies!
  • Diane
    Peach is def my favorite fruit. Peach smoothie, yumm!
  • jen l.
    blueberries...they're healthy and delicious!
  • Andrea
    my all time favourite fruit is blueberries because they are just yummy, especially in smoothies!! Thank you for the chance, this would make some great stocking stuffers for my Mom who will be spending Christmas with us for the first time in over a decade.
  • Zoe
    My favourite fruit is mango because they are so delicious! Thanks for this great chance, pomegrante is also delicious. I have one in the fridge right now. :)
  • Brandy
    I love strawberry because it's tastes and smells delicious.
  • xmd5
    i love watermelons, its so delicious and refreshing on a hot day
  • leslie n.
    I would pamper myself. I work hard taking care of everyone else, I need to pamper me once in awhile..........
    • leslie n.
      my fav scent would be waterlily.... fresh and clean
  • Belinda M.
    Mine fave is peach. It smells refreshing and tastes good on its own
  • cindy
    Blueberries of course! You can use them to color anything blue! They taste amazing and are so good for you! MMMMMMmmmm love picking them!
  • stacey d.
    My favorite fruit is strawberries,they are yummy , healthy and because you can only get them fresh for such a short time it makes them and extra nice treat
  • Jessica A.
    Yum. <3 all hard to pick a favorite.
  • Aastha S.
    I love mangoes and watermelon!! And I've been using dove products for the longest time, and I must say I enjoy them ALL!! :)
  • wendy b.
    my fav is cherries....also luv watermelon..:)
  • wendy b.
    oops luv cherries and watermelon....makes me
  • ginette4
    I love strawberries, but I cannot eat them
    • ginette4
      forgot to say why..because I remember them being so good and juicy. If you're wondering why, I cannot eat any fruits due to my illness,,yes it stinks
  • yvonne k.
    love fresh peaches
  • Kelly
    My favorite fruit to eat is mangoes! I love the sweetness and texture. In terms of body wash products, I like to smell like pomegranate :)
  • Tiggrr
    Pomegranate for sure
    • Tiggrr
      its a nice fresh scent
  • CalgaryCaper
    My favourite fruit is fresh raspberries. Any kind of fresh berries are great!
  • Debbie B.
    Vanilla. Warm and homey.
  • Elisha
    I love lots of different fruit, especially berries, but my favourite fruit is watermelon.
  • Alexandra
    My favorite fruit is definitly strawberries, fresh quebec grown strawberries. So juicy and sweet. I also love watermelon as it very refreshing.
  • Roberta
    My favorite fruit to eat is raspberry. My favorite fruit scent is anything citrus.
  • jennifer
    My favorite fruit to eat pomegranate because its very good for you
  • Pip
    My favourite fruit to eat are the strawberries grown right down the road from me.
  • Kelly
    Strawberries! As a kid, they always meant school would be over soon!
  • Kim S.
    Frozen cherries from Costco! So yummy, cold, and great for you! I eat them almost every night!
  • jocelyn
    My favorite fruit are blueberries. I love eating them as a snack, baking with them, adding them to my pancakes and in my chocolates.
  • Sherry
    I love apples...simple yet delicious!
  • Bella B.
    Pineapple....tart and sweet and juicy
  • Pat
    Grapefruit...super delicious and packed with vitamin C!!!
  • Yun
    Mine are wax apples. Juicy, light, crispy, yum!
  • Anda
    I love raspberries, I was raised on a farm market in northern Ontario and we picked and sold these delicate berries 7 days a week!
  • Amanda
    Oranges - they smell and taste great and you can get them year round!
  • PV
    Grapefruit is the nicest
  • Alex
    Mangoes.... The juices are alluring....
  • PV Dove is great
  • PV
    Grapefruit the best reminds me of my grandfather he loved them
  • Mei L.
  • Sandra
    Pomegranate - smells awesome.
  • Leisau
    Blackberries are my favorite when picked from our local farm. They're delicious and super sweet.
  • Deanna
    Love the lemon, it smells luscious and fresh!
  • Tania
    Raspberries to eat, but love the smell of lemon in any beauty product!
  • johanne h.
    pomegranate ... a faboulous taste and smell sooo good
  • marisa.p.
    Anything citrus- but if it has to be one- grapefruit for sure, It just makes me feel happy :)
  • Pat M.
    I especially love the orange smells, very clean and refreshing smelling.
  • allison
    Raspberries because they smell and taste like summer
  • Anna
    I like orange because it is refreshing.
  • Linda Q.
    Mint - smells fresh and good!

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