Zinio Canada: 2 for 1 Magazine Subscriptions

Zinio Canada has a very popular deal back on, for a limited time only.  Get a 2 year digital magazine subscription for the price of 1.

There are 30 different magazine subscriptions to choose from with this deal and there really is something for everyone.

Here are just a few of the magazines you will find:

  • Cosmopolitan- 2 years for $19.99, 24 issues, $0.83 an issue
  • Outdoor Photographer- 2 years for $15, 22 issues, $0.68 an issue
  • Esquire- 2 years for $19.99, 22 issues, $0.91 an issue
  • Hot Rod- 2 years for $11.99, 24 issues, $.50 an issue

I love reading magazines. It is actually one of my guilty pleasures.  I think that it is a great idea to save paper and the environment by going digital, though.  You can read these magazines on your computer, tablets, cellphones, and more electronic devices.  This is great for traveling because you don't need to pack anything extra; you can just read from your phone.

(Expiry: 4th October 2012)

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