The Official LEGO Star Wars Annual 2017 $12.90 shipped @ Wordery

The Official LEGO Star Wars Annual 2017

My kids are huge Star Wars fans (as yours likely are!) and they have lots of Star Wars LEGO as a result. 'The Official LEGO Star Wars Annual' looks like it will be perfect to tuck into their Christmas stockings! It's published in the UK and ships from, located in the UK. You'll get it delivered in around 7 business days. It's selling for $12.90 CAD including free shipping.

Discover a galaxy of adventures with Lego Star Wars! The all-new Official Lego Star Wars Annual 2017 is packed full of galactic entertainment with all-action comic stories, challenging puzzles and fun games. And it comes with a fantastic Lego Star Wars minifigure! Lego Star Wars is the best-selling Lego theme ever!

Now, it looks to me as though the LEGO minifigure included is Hans Solo, but maybe one of our sharp eyed readers can correct me if I'm wrong!

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