Rogers Magazines From Only $1/Month


Get any and all of your favourite Rogers magazines for as low as $1 a month. Right now, for current Rogers customers, simply select your magazine to add your account.

Choose from:

  • Today’s Parent – Frequency:  12/year   Price: $1/month
  • Canadian Business – Frequency: Bi-weekly   Price: $1/month
  • Hello! – Frequency: 53/year   Price: $6/month
  • Flare – Frequency: 12/year   Price: $1/month
  • Money Sense – Frequency: 6/year   Price: $1/month
  • Maclean’s – Frequency: weekly   Price: $3/month
  • Chatelaine (English) – Frequency: 12/year   Price: $1/month
  • Chatelaine (French) – Frequency: 12/year   Price: $1/month
  • LouLou (English) – Frequency: 8/year   Price: $1/month
  • Loulou (French) – Frequency: 8/year   Price: $1/month
  • L’actualité (French) – Frequency: 20/year   Price: $2/month

My personal favorites: LouLou and Flare. Amazing looks for amazing prices. Not to mention great shopping deals.

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