Marvel Unlimited Digital Comics First Month For $1 @ Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited Digital 1st Month $1

Can you imagine diving into 17,000 Marvel comics at once, and reading them? You can probably think of a lot of people who would love being able to read unlimited comics for one month for only $1.

For this 'first month for a dollar' offer, just sign up at the link below and make sure that you use the code DOLLAR during checkout.

Think of how happy your child (or significant other) would be to be presented with such a gift. Although you need an internet connection to download them, you can save up to 12 comics to your mobile device to read anytime, (like in the car for summer holidays!) even if you're offline.

Marvel updates weekly with classic (and newer issues as soon as 6 months after the publish date!)

Even if you've already used this service in the past and let it lapse, the offer is open to new and former (now cancelled) Marvel Unlimited members. The offer isn't valid on an annual one time fee membership.

So here's the offer in a nutshell. You pay $1 straight out for the service. If you like the service and want to stay on you will automatically be charged $9.99/month/year unless and until cancelled.

If you decided to cancel before the first month is up, you can easily cancel anytime through your 'my account' page on their website.

(Deal expiry: July 24, 11:59PM EST.)

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