Macleans Magazine: 22 Issues For $20 & Free $5 Chapters Gift Card

If you or someone in  your home is a regular reader of Macleans magazine, you could consider setting up a subscription to save a bit of money. Right now, they're offering 2 issues for only $20, that's $0.91 per issue for this weekly magazine.

They say that this is an 84% discount based on the cover price of Macleans magazine. And when you subscribe, they will also send you a bonus $5 gift card for Chapters Indigo Canada. The bonus gift will be shipped 4-6 weeks after receipt of payment.

I'll be honest, I've never really read this magazine at all. I usually get my dose of current affairs from Boing Boing, Techcrunch, and a few other blogs I regularly read. Macleans covers the news from a political perspective, which just doesn't grab me. But each to their own... you might enjoy it.

(Ends 31st January 2012)

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  • Justine
    Had to give low rating for Macleans not to acknowledge that they published a racist article.

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