GameFly: FREE Gaming Magazine. GameQ, for Android Tablets, iPad and the GameFly Client

GameFly is doing some pretty cool stuff with this magazine and it's completely free, so check it out! You have nothing to lose!

I am so sick and tired of cutting down trees, mashing them up, beating them down flat and printing stuff on them. No, it's not because I'm an environmentalist, it's because I'm tired of being a slave to Big Paper. Nuts to them with all this getting in my SUV, driving to Chapters, buying the magazine, bringing it back home and having my son tear out pages 6 through 14!

Why am I going to the content when the content should be coming to me? Sure, I can get it delivered, but then I need to go to the mailbox to get it and that, in some ways, is worse! You know what? For that matter, why am I using my eyes to put information into my brain? Because I'm a sucker, that's why! Well, no more! I for one welcome the lazy gamer's magazine, I welcome... GameQ!

Anything that ushers in the doom of traditional publishing is okay by me. The fact that this is a good magazine makes it even better! They have really embraced the rich media that a lot of print magazines are falling all over themselves to get right.

There are two issues out now. I've started into one of them between reading comics and writing on Bargainmoose and I'm very much digging it. Ever since GMR folded way, way back, I've been looking for a new read. This is the kind of writing I like to read.

(Expires: Whenever they stop publishing the magazine)

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