Entertainment Books Deal


There's a good deal on The Entertainment Books right now, but only if you plan on buying more than 1 copy. All books are 20% off with free shipping, plus you can order further copies for only $20 more.

I think this is a good deal because the individual Canadian books are selling for between $28 and $40, and the 2nd copies will only set you back $20 each. I would really recommend calling round your friends and family and see if you can make a group buy, getting the best deal for each of you.

For example, if you live in the most expensive are for the coupon book, the Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley area, the books are $40 each right now. Here are the costs per book if you are splitting the deal between a few of your friends and family:

  • 1 book = $40
  • 2 books = $30 each
  • 3 books = $26.67 each
  • 4 books = $25 each
  • 5 books = $24 each

So you can clearly see that it is a good idea for all involved to order more than 1 copy, if you can find a few friends to help you out.

This edition of The Entertainment Book has deals good to November 2011.

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