Entertainment Books: All Books $20 & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books has the best deal so far this year with their books.  Get any 2013 Entertainment Book for just $20 and get free shipping as well.

These books would make a great Christmas gift because whoever you give it to can use it throughout the 2013 year.  You will get exclusive coupons for your area on hotels, restaurants, events, shopping, groceries and much more.  When you use just a few coupons, you will have paid for the book.

Last year's book saved my family so much money.  I was able to take my kids to events and places around Calgary that I wouldn't have normally taken them to, because it would have been too expensive.  The coupons in the book made it really affordable for my family.  I also like to help friends and family and give them some of the coupons as well. There are so many coupons with these books that you can give away the ones you won't be needing.

(Expiry: 18th December 2012)

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