Entertainment Book Canada: Free 2011 Book With Reservation of 2012 Edition


For the fans of The Entertainment Book Canada, during the month of June they have a special offer if you're pre-ordering the 2012 edition. They'll give you the 2011 edition for free!

Just navigate to your chosen Canadian City, and add the book to your shopping cart. They say that prices depend on your region, so you will end up paying between $30 and $45 for the 2 books. The current 2011 edition has offers available right up to November 2011.

So here's the lowdown with the Entertainment books, in case you're new to them. They release a new coupon book every year. As the year progresses, the cost of the current Entertainment Book drops, as the time period left for usage dwindles. From reading comments here on Bargainmoose, loads of people use these Entertainment Books a lot. I've even heard of people going on vacation in the US, and buying the edition for the city which they are going to visit, just to take advantage of great coupon offers for dining out.

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