Entertainment Book 2011 Only $8.99 & Free Shipping

The Entertainment Book Canada has just been reduced to only $8.99 with free shipping! I don't know how long this particular offer will last, so I would get it soon if you are interested.

The 2011 editions of The Entertainment Books contain a variety of coupons, discounts and deals for various cities. The coupons should be good to November 2011, so you have a little while to make use of them over the summer and the coming fall season.

Here's a tip - if you're planning a vacation at some other city, check and see if they have an entertainment book for that location. For only $9, you're getting a load of coupons and discounts. You will easily make back the cost of the Entertainment Book by using coupons for one meal alone.

I also see that they are now advertising the Entertainment Book app which you can download once you have bought your book. This is a great idea - you'd always have your phone with you, instead of carrying round the book with you everywhere.

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