Entertainment Book: 2 for $10 + $1 Shipping.

Get 2 Entertainment Books for only $10 (+ $1 shipping/item). You can choose from any cities they have. Depending on which cities you choose books from, this has a potential savings of up to $80! I know 2 from Edmonton would be 2 x $45 = $90 worth of Entertainment Books for only $10!

I am debating getting 1 for my parents and 1 for my hubby's cousin. They have the potential to save you a lot of money, and are valid for another 3 and 1/2 months... ample time to work off that $5 per book. Vancouver and the Fraser Valley books were orig. $50 a piece: so you will save $90 when you buy 2 of them.

I am not sure when this expires!


  • Mike
    What a fantastic deal. My family has used these books extensively in the past and enjoyed many inexpensive adventures while using the coupons. Thanks for the heads up on the deal!
  • Jeanette
    Thanks so much for all your hard work...! I really appreciate it, especially today for the $5.00 Entertainment Book, heads up. Excellent deal !
  • Grace
    Darn. I missed out on this deal. Does anyone know where I can still purchase a 2011 vancouver entertainment book tho? Online is all sold out, but in any other stores maybe? My moms coming over to visit and I want to take her to a lotta places but BC is expensive. lolz

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