Eharlequin: $1.69 Books


If you like a steamy novel now and again, you might like to hear about this new deal from They're offering a load of books for only $1.99 each! Plus, I have found a coupon code that discounts them by an extra 15%, making these booksonly $1.69 each.

Click here to shop the $1.99 books @ Eharlequin

  • Coupon Code: JUN11SAVE5
  • Discount: Extra 15% off
  • Expires: 30Th June 2011

There appear to be 30 titles to choose from. You get free standard shipping on a $15 spend to Canada, which is quite reasonable. And if you keep your order under $20, you won't have to worry about duties or customs fees. That would mean ordering a minimum of 9 books for $15.21 to get free shipping... if you can manage it! Perhaps if you don't want all 9 yourself, you could make an order with a friend and share the books.

I find the book titles on Eharlequin quite funny. When I read them, I always imagine some mad scenario to be happening, then upon reading the synopsis, I'm not too far off anyway. For example,  Innocent in the Italian's Possession...

When Gemma Cardone's boss is hospitalized and Stefano Marinetti, his estranged son, takes over the family shipyard, she is caught between duty and desire….

OoooOOOoooh?! What about The Major and the Librarian?

For four years Major Sam Griffin had stayed away from Serenity, Texas, gruffly avoiding the fact that he was still heart-achingly in love with the woman who had almost married his brother.

What will happen!

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