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If you are an avid reader of ebooks (like me), you may be interested in this discount deal from ebooks.com.

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The coupon code applies to the following categories only:

Science Fiction is my bag baby! I had a quick scan through the books in that section, there are a few I would recommend. The classic Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is available – it’s $7.99. It’s an amazing story. I’ve listened to it as a radio play as well.

Isaac Asimov is also one of my all time favourites. You’ve probably all heard of I, Robot. The book is pretty different to the Will Smith movie though, so be prepared for quite a different telling of the story. I read it about a month ago actually, and I enjoyed learning more about the laws of robotics!

All of the George R R Martin books are available to download too – I’ve read the whole series which begins with A Game Of Thrones. They are really excellent stories. Have you read any?

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