eBooks.com 20% Off Kids & Young Adult Fiction

This week on eBooks.com, they've releases a new coupon code which can get you a 20% discount on kids and young adult fiction titles, all on ebooks there.

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  • Coupon Code: friendship20cp
  • Discount: 20% off books in Children's & Young Adult Fiction Category
  • Expires: 7th August 2012

The very popular range of Twilight novels is included in this deal, and here are the prices along with some comparisons elsewhere:

  • Twilight for $7.19 ($10.79 paperback @ Amazon, digital $8.99 @ Kobo)
  • Breaking Dawn for $7.19 ($12.99 paperback @ Amazon, digital $8.99 @ Kobo)
  • Eclipse for $7.19 ($10.82 paperback @ Amazon, digital $8.99 @ Kobo)
  • New Moon for $7.19 ($10.79 paperback @ Amazon, digital $8.99 @ Kobo)

Alternatively, you can buy the whole Twilight Saga collection for $29.59 in total - compare this to $62 for the real books at Amazon, or $36.99 at Kobo.

That's just one example of a popular range of books. I read these books a few years ago when they were just starting to get famous, before the massive world-wide fame of the movies. I enjoyed the books quite a bit, but I did find that they were very same-y. And very frustrating too. Was I the only one hoping for some Bella and werewolf action?

What do you think?

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