Comixology: Steel & Firestorm for 99 cents an issue!

Comixology is celebrating Black History Month by offering up sales on some great comics with black superheros.

This is a "half off" sale so the original price was $1.99 and you save $1 making your grand total 99 cents! Not a bad deal for some awesome comics. Actually, I'm just guessing that Firestorm comics are awesome since I've never read any of them. I have, however, read a few Steel comics when I was a kid and they were great.

One of the best things about Comixology is their apps. You can buy and read the comics on your computer but they are so much better on a tablet or phone. The app, for me, really is the main reason I buy through Comixology. I especially like the ability to swipe through the comic pane-by-pane instead of page-by-page and having to zoom in and out all the time. You can even buy right from the app. Very convenient.

(Expires: 13th February 2013)

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