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Comixology is about to his 100 Million comics and graphic novels downloaded and until that happens, they're hooking you up with a new free comic every day!

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That link up there point to Comixology's spotlight on the free comic of the so it will change when this free comic deal expires on 9th, October, 2012 at 11:00PM ET . If you're reading this late and still want to check out the free comic, you can check out The Shadow by clicking here!

Ok, so the big deal about this sale isn't the individual comic, it's the fact that there is a new free comic every day! The individual comic is normally $2 but you get it for free. I think this is a great way to get into some new series. If you get the comic and hate it, you didn't waste money and you can do it every day! Getting a comic and disliking it isn't too, too bad. It's only a few bucks. The issue is when you are hunting for a new series and you end up trying 10 comics before you find one you like. It can add up. Thankfully my re-entrance into the comic world has, thankfully, been smooth, finding a great series right off the bat but it could have been expensive.

Today's comic is  issue #1 of The Shadow! The shadow, for those who aren't familiar with him, has been around for years, I'm talking 1930 radio plays voiced by Orson Welles. Since then he has been the subject of movies, comics, magazines and other media. Essentially (and you can imagine how much it has varied over 82 years) The Shadow is a vigilante with Psychic power. Now that is, of course, dumbing it down a lot but trust me, characters like this don't last 82 years if they stink.

I'll be keeping my eye on this sale and if I see any particularly good comics, I'll be sure to post them, otherwise, it's up to you to keep checking them!

(Free copy of the shadow, Issue #1 Expires: 9th October 2012, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evening in other regions)

(Free Comics Expire: When Comixology hits 100 Million downloads)

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