Comixology: Archaia Horror Sale - Save on Series like Awakening, Feeding Ground, Killing Pickman and Syndrome

What better way to start Halloween than reading a comic about grisly murders, famine or a way to remove evil from human beings? Nothing! That's why this sale from Comixology is so awesome!

Click here to check out all the horror comics on sale from Archaia @

Here are the series available and the prices for their collected editions. You can also buy individual issues if you'd like.

You will notice, as is standard with Comixology sales, that I have not uncluded the "Was" or "Save" prices. That is because Comixology does not always put how much you are saving on their sales. This is one such sale. I'm going to guess that it is 50% off as most of them are but I am not sure.

Archaia seems to specialise in the macabre. All these comics deal with subjects suitable for Halloween such as greusom murders, werewolves and famine. Obviously not a comic for the children so if you have a bunch of Jughead comics on your comixology account, you're gonna wanna delete the Archaia stuff before you hand the tablet over to your five year old.

(Expires 29th October 2012, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evening times in other areas)

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