Chapters Indigo: The Gang 4x6 Picture Frame only $3.75 (75% Off)


Are picture frames a thing of the past? I think not: we all need something to proudly display our family moments in the den, living room, family room, inner sanctuary,or whatever you call that place you spend time with others. If you have shelves or a mantel, it almost necessitates that you must have the odd picture dotting the landscape. Chapters has an incredible offer on a 4x6 black wooden picture frame with the iconic words "The Gang" in metal across the front. The regular price is $14.99, and now it will only cost you $3.75! You get 75% off.

I recently hit the 'Dollarstore' and thrift stores around my place looking for cheap picture frames and discovered that unless I wanted something really cheap looking, you can't find frames on the cheap. Even frames at the thrift store, if they were wooden for a 4x6 photo you were looking at $6+. So from my research, this is a great deal.

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