Chapters Indigo: Pirate Ship by KidKraft was $89.95 now $29.50

Kiddo I can't believe all the amazing sales on toys that are happening just after Christmas at all kinds of different online stores. Chapters Indigo has jumped onto the bandwagon, and has cut the prices of the products in its clearance section one more time. Part of these newly discounted items, is this Pirate Ship by KidKraft, which is reduced by 67%. It was originally $89.95 and is now down to $29.50.

KidKraft's items often go on sale but not at discounts as steep as this one. This Pirate Ship has been on sale for quite some time and has slowly been going down in price. I don't think it will go down much lower before it sells out. If you spotted this Pirate Ship before, and were waiting for a good sale, now is the time!

Your kids may have gotten a ton of toys for Christmas, but with a price like this I would not pass up on this deal. I would stash this Pirate Ship away for your next special occasion, like an upcoming birthday! Lots of savings to be had for parents who like to think ahead. It always seems like there's never anything in store when you're trying to make a last minute gift purchase in a rush. I never regret stashing toys for upcoming occasions.

I know from personal experience that the KidKraft toys require quite a bit of assembling, but it's totally worth it. I had to assemble a playhouse from KidKraft and it did take me an hour or two, but I was very happy with the end result. Every little piece adds to the spectacular design of the toy and helps your child with their pretend play. KidKraft toys also come with some accessories and figurines. In this case, two pirates, a canon and a treasure chest are included. These are made of super durable plastic that is also very easy to clean.

Unfortunately, this item is not eligible for free shipping due to its size. It also doesn't qualify for the free in store pick-up  an Indigo or Chapters store nearby.  The shipping costs are calculated in your cart, depending on the weight and size of your order, and the shipping option you choose.

Moosers, do you own any KidKraft toys? What do you think of them?

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  • Sarah
    I'm not seeing a ship to store option at the check out unfortunately. The total price (including Ont. HST) is $41.58, which is still very good but not amazing, which is why I'm assuming there's still stock right now.
    • Alexa E.
      Oh really, that's too bad. I thought the option didn't show up because of my location. I still think it's not bad considering the original price but let's hope the price drops even more or that they change the shipping option. I'll bump it if it does go down some more!

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