Chapters Indigo Canada: Le Creuset Kettles Were $100 | Now $85 & Free Shipping

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Do you get hot and bothered looking at food blogs, watching the Food Network and reading recipes? If the answer is yes, I know you'll love Le Creuset with their gorgeous porcelain enamel and beautiful colours. Chapters Indigo has a great deal on right now, with 15% off all Le Creuset, and I found their kettles were a sweet price regularly $100, now $85. You may not think that is a super hot deal, but pricing around the web, I found that the regular price at other stores is actually quite a bit higher than what Chapters Indigo sells their Le Creuset for, making this a better steal than it sounds like!

A few years ago, I was a dinner party and noticed the most gorgeous casserole dish. I immediately thought this was an antique, handed down for generations and was pleasantly surprised to find out it is a present-day piece of dinnerware called Le Creuset. I oogled the dish for hours and went home to search the net to buy my own, sad to find out the price is quite high, but well worth the price. Waiting for hot deals to come along is what I do, so now today from Chapters Indigo, I can own my first piece of Le Creuset and not have to hide the bill from my hubby!

The kettles are seriously gorgeous and would make a beautiful show-piece on any kitchen countertop. Of course, they are also very functional as well. The classic whistling kettle has a heating base that is capable with every type of cooking surface and these babies are durable. The finish is chip-resistant and the kettle itself is made from premium carbon steel. I love the flame colour way too much, but there are many colours to choose from. Dune is also beautiful with a neutral but definitely not boring look.

The Kone kettle is a more modern look, with all of the same features of the classic. The cherry would be fabulous in any neutral-coloured kitchen.

Pricing around, I went to Hudson's Bay and found they regularly sell the kettles for $130, but they are now on sale for $97.50 plus shipping.

Of course, you could also look at the french presses and teapots, plus dinnerware, all 15% off at Chapters Indigo. With free shipping at $25, you can't lose.

(Expiry: 17th August 2015)

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