Chapters Indigo Canada Discount Deal: 25% Off 1 Single Item!

Until December 24th, you can claim a 25% discount on one single item in-store @ Chapter’s when you present this coupon. This deal was spotted in the Metro newspaper, which is Canada-wide. I think the page changes depending which province’s edition you view, but for the Toronto edition, this coupon was on page 7. Here’s the list of applicable stores:

  • Chapters Bookstore
  • Coles
  • World’s biggest Bookstore
  • The Book Company
  • IndigoSpirit

It doesn’t say anything on it about copies or reproductions not being suitable, so I see no reason why the printable version from their online paper should not be applicable. I’ve saved a copy of the single page, and you can print out the Chapter Indigo discount coupon from here.

As usual, there are a number of products excluded from the discount promotion, such as gift cards, magazines, electronics. But, if you need some books or toys, then this coupon is perfect!!

I love browsing round the science-fiction section at Chapters… I can always find a new book I want to devour! And a 25% discount is a real bonus! I’m currently reading The Otherland Series by Tad Williams. It is an excellent set of books, 4 in total. I ghighly recommend!! There are lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon for the 1st in the series.

Thanks for the picture NaPix (Paix).

UPDATE - they emailed me the offer anyway, and the official Chapters coupons is here <<<


  • Joan
    I used this and I saved quite a bit. I did have to fight the lines and find a parking spot but it was an adventure. I was amazed at how everyone was in such a good mood too, I was expecting and angry Christmas crowd but it was a very good experience. I also noticed that some of the prices were lower in-store than on-line so that was another nice surprise, plus all their Christmas cards were 50% off so I bought for next year LOL.
  • Anna
    Stocking up on Christmas cards is a good idea!! Thanks for letting me know it worked Joan!! :)

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