Chapters Indigo Canada: 76% Off Select Scarves


Chapters Canada is selling a selection of scarves for 76% off their original price. All the scarves in this post are 76% off and are in stock (not sold out) as of this post!

Most of these scarves were originally $49.50 and they are now on sale for just $12 apiece. This includes the following patterns:

Some scarves are different prices. My favourite scarf was originally priced a bit higher than the ones above, which should not surprise me as I have expensive taste. This Animal Paisley Scarf – Petal Pink was $55 and is now on sale for $13. I would prefer that pattern in a less pink colour, but one cannot be fussy when you are dealing with such a beautiful discount. The Sequin Scarf – Purple  and the Sequin Scarf – Black were both originally $55 as well, and are now on sale for $13. I really hate sequins but these scarves are not too bad.

On the lower price end, there are some scarves on sale for 76% off that started out less than $30 so you can pick them up for only a few dollars. The Super Soft Scarf – Shade Glade is one of these scarves, originally $29.50 and is now on sale for $7. While not quite scarves, a couple 'snoods' also fall into this discount category. Both the Big Cable Snood – Powdered Blush  and the Ruched Snood – Beige  were also $29.50 and are now $7. The big cable snood is actually tying with my favourite scarf because I am a sucker for chunky cable knits both in sweaters and in scarves. I love the weight of the fabric and the beauty of the stitch. I find the word snood funny though, I am totally having Dr. Seuss flashbacks right now to a certain Thneed...

While not a scarf, I did want to mention that you could pick up this stylish winter hat for 76% off. The Faux-Fur Hat - Taupe was $29.50 and is now only $7. Keep both your neck and your head warm at the exact same time: what a novel idea!

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. To break the free shipping minimum you will have to pick up a few scarves but they make great gifts and the discount is totally worth it.

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