Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Woven Baskets


If you are looking to add a rustic feel to your home, shop the 50% off woven style baskets sale at Chapters Canada.

These are what I would call wicker baskets, but I am not sure if I am using that term right. It might refer to a certain type of material used in the weaving process or a certain type of weave. Either way, there is a very nice selection of woven baskets that you can get 50% off at Chapters right now.

My favourite basket is also the most expensive (no surprise there). The Sweater-Weave Basket – Tote features a beautiful woven pattern with the handles woven to rise out of the basket. The basket is made of eco-friendly water hyacinth, and is hand-woven by artisans. I cannot even fathom the number of hours that would go into a basket like this; it makes the price seem rather low. Originally $59.50, this hand woven basket is now only $29.75.

You can get your baskets in different shapes and sizes. The Water Hyacinth Basket—Medium is a classic shape and aesthetic. If you want something a little more country, pick up the Rustic Handle with Basket – Medium for the same price. Each have been discounted to just $19.75, originally $39.50.

There are so many baskets discounted right now; here is a list of other ones you can get on sale:

Baskets are easy to use and they really are the organizational dream - as well as mason jars and tin cans! I have a woven basket in the shape of a picnic basket with a fixed raised handle that I have used for storing all sorts of things over the years. It started as a sewing basket, and then stored unopened personal care products like bars of soap, lotions, razor blades, cosmetics, and whatnot. Currently it is being used as a base to stand the mop, broom, Swiffer, and a few other things in while holding grocery bags in the other side. No matter what, there is always something to store in my woven basket.

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