Chapters Indigo Canada: 20% Off Board Games

chapters-20off-board-games Chapters Indigo is offering 20% off board games from categories such as adult, family card & dice, family, kids cards and travel along with kids games.

Since Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular board games for adults out there right now, I immediately price compared with other major stores but unfortunately, Chapters' deal on it isn't better than Amazon's. However, plenty of other games do offer a bigger discount, such as:

To give you a quick price comparison with Amazon, the Game of Thrones game is $44.05, The Walking Dead is $67.77, Apples To Apples On The Go is $39.99, Pictionary is $69.95, and Scrabble is $19.99.

The one deal that stood out to me the most is definitely the one on Pictionary, a game that has you guessing what your teammate is drawing in the least amount of time possible, since it's actually 75% off its original price. It's definitely a game that is not only fun for the whole family but also one that can be enjoyed among adults over a couple of drinks during the week-end!

Free shipping is automatically applied to all orders over $25. If the game you choose is under $25, then be sure to check out Chapters' other deals of the week such as 50% off Department Q titles and up to 75% off select books along with the Chapters Boxing Day deals that Eva wrote about on Christmas day.

(Expiry: While Supplies Last)

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