Chapters Canada: Up to 60% Off Disney Movies

March break is coming so entertain the kids with some new Disney Movies at great prices. get up to 60% off Disney movies plus use the Chapters coupon code MARCH2013 to get an extra $5 off $30.

I have really been wanting to get Brave in Blu Ray. I haven't seen the movie yet but the trailers for it look hilarious and the animation was beautiful. Right now Chapters has Brave on Blu Ray for 36% off. Originally $46.99 it is now $30. After the coupon code you can get it for only $25!!

Here are some of my other top picks for movie deals - all 50% off:

I have never seen Hercules, however, it is toted as one of the true greats of Disney. It is on sale for 60% off - only $10! I love Greek mythology so I am pretty sure I would love this movie.

Free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 31st March 2013)


  • Astrogal
    Chapters is so expensive to begin with. $46.99 for Brave Blu-Ray is the suggested retail price. $30 is hardly a sale when you consider that is the *regular* price on all the time. I like their stores but with Amazon around offering such competitive pricing, I'm surprised they haven't gone the way of the dinosaur yet.
    • Avigayil M.
      While I agree that Chapters' original prices are overpriced... I still end up shopping at Chapters a fair bit because of that extra $5 off coupon. For example, I have been watching Brave for a coons age. It has been a solid $30 at Amazon for ages. With this sale and the coupon I can now get it for $25. I also get most my books at Chapters because i just buy approx $30 worth of books at a time and use the $5 off coupon which brings the price below Amazon's almost every time. So while I agree - the coupon totally rocks in my opinion,

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