Chapters Canada: Martin Scorsese Collection 89% Off


If you are a fan of Martin Scorsese movies, this collection is for you! It is a 4 DVD gift set that includes: New York, New York / Raging Bull Special Edition / The Last Waltz / Boxcar Bertha. Regularly $69.98 it is on sale for $7.49, that is 89% off!!

I just wish they would discount some of my favourite director's box sets that much: wow!

What Chapter's Editors had to say:

Widely considered the greatest living American filmmaker, Martin Scorsese has created "a thrilling body of work that has consistently dazzled fellow filmmakers and audiences alike" (The New York Times). His films are powerful, devastating, illuminating, unfailingly honest and infinitely fascinating. Each work bears the unique stamp of its passionate, inventive and brilliant director.


  • Ben K.
    Awesome; I was about to order this... but unfortunately, the description indicates it's a pan-and-scan (full frame, 1.33 aspect). I can't believe anyone would release great films for sale in a cropped format. -ben
    • Avigayil
      What is pan-and-scan? Full frame in my mental dictionary means un-cropped. I'm not much of a movie buff, could you maybe explain a bit more? Thanks!
  • Ben K.
    Sorry, I threw out a bunch of terminology without realizing it. :) Basically, a standard def (old-school) TV picture has a 1.33 aspect ratio (also called 4:3). That is to say, it's square-ish, rather than widescreen. Films, on the other hand, are typically finished in a 1.85 aspect, a wider format. The product info for the Scorcese set says "full frame - 1.33". If this were a Blu-ray (high def) product I would agree that "full frame" would imply widescreen, but since DVDs are standard def, I presume that "full frame" in this context means "cropped from 1.85 to fit 1.33". Pan-and-scan refers to the cropping process. Does this make sense?

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